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How to Write a Poem for a Girl

How to Write a Romantic Poem Effortlessly for a Girl You Like

Writing a poem for a girl can be an easy task... or a difficult one, depending on what your state of mind is, really. The following article will supply you with some much-needed tips. Read, read.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
...A hundred million songs swirl and swirl about every time you see her walk by. You need her to know the extent of how much you like her. And some songs they fit the bill just so right. But you don't want to sound terribly like a cliché and be that guy. You want to bring about some originality, no? Awesome. Maybe a poem that will say exactly what you want to say? Something that will make an impact, no matter what? The only problem is you don't know anything about writing poems. Then what is one to do and how is one to know how to write a poem for a girl you like?
Not everyone is a born poet and not everyone has the sensibilities to pen down a poem effortlessly. But there is no doubt that used in the right manner, this work of art can make for great appeal. There might be some of you who might never have given this art a try and might find that when you start writing a poem, writing poetry comes effortlessly to you, while others might be stuck for ages. The following piece will help by giving you certain pointers about how to approach this subject and go on to show you that with the right efforts most of us can make it possible to pen down a poem or two.
Writing a Poem for a Girl You Like
Believe it or not, there are ways in which all of us can learn how to write a love poem. It's just that one might never have given this whole literary aspect a thought or thought of the elements that go into making a poem. The following are some of the ways in which one can learn how to write a poem.
Step # 1
There are several ways in which you can go about writing a poem. When it's a matter of random ramblings, it pretty much allows you the freedom to do what you like. Sit down and just start making points of some of the things that you like about her. Don't think about how you're going to manage getting it to rhyme and the structure that you're going to follow, just something that will help you collect the raw material. This exercise helps if you are clueless about what to write about.
Step # 2
Ideally, the next step is to think about the theme of the poem among the other basic elements of poetry. With so much raw material that you sat and randomly wrote about, it'll help you like nothing else. Sift through the data and see if you can find anything in there. If not, some of the common things that you can look into are the things that you like about her, the things that you like about the two of you together, how you feel when you're with her or something as simple as a mundane day in her life... the themes could be many, and understanding what to include is then basically your decision. It is of course also dependent on the subject and her likes and dislikes. If she isn't someone who is interested in sappy stuff and you write her something that is dripping of the same, she's not going to like it. So then understand your audience and write a poem like so. For some, sarcasm, dark humor, black humor works extremely well.
Step # 3
And now to get to the form. What form will you use for the poem? In the sense how will you structure it? Some like to do it up in limericks, some in couplets, but you obviously don't have to follow any of these types of poetry styles. All you have to do is find a way to rhyme the end words so that it creates for greater appeal. In the beginning you might find it really tough. But you'll see that if you practice hard enough, you'll get the hang of it. When you're somewhat confident about this factor, you can look into the rhyme and rhythm and try to match the same. This means that if the number of words are similar in two consecutive lines then it creates a smooth rhythm. Without which, it simply becomes words rhyming in the end. You will need a lot of practice for the same and you need to understand that you're not going to pick it up overnight.
Step # 4
Now is the time to set about polishing the poem. Read the poem out loud and be your own critique. First see how it sounds when you hear it. Make a note of the changes that you want to make as you go along―like a particular word might seem like it doesn't fit or that one is too colloquial and needs something more formal perhaps. When you have a list of things that you'd like to change, set about making changes. Use a thesaurus, use a dictionary, use whatever it takes to help you through. And finally, the process of making the final changes and giving the poem its final form. Simple.
And there you have it, now you know how to write a poem for a girl―at least the basics of the same. And the rest, as they say, is all a matter of trial and error and practice and more practice. Then you'll finally find the right balance, and in matter of no time develop a style of your own. Dress the poem up well and let it do the rest of the work for you.
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