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Informative Essay Sample

Informative Essay Sample

Writing an informative essay can get a bit tricky, as you need to provide factual information, as well as make it interesting. So here is an essay sample to help you get a gist of what it should read like.
Tarali Kafaie
For an experienced writer, writing an informative essay would be a piece of cake. But for most students, essay samples for informative writing style would prove extremely helpful in preparation for assignments and tests. Before we head to those, let us first understand the meaning of informative essay. The aim of this form of essay writing, as the name suggests, is to provide information to the readers. Remember that you are imparting knowledge on a topic, so giving accurate data is extremely important. At the end, you are playing the role of a knowledgeable person, imparting precise information on an interesting topic to the audience.
Writing Tips
An essay can have different purpose of writing, but the basic structure is always the same. The most important part is to decide on a topic. If you have already been assigned one, then prepare an outline of your ideas. It is not necessary for you to have knowledge on all topics. So seek help from books in the library and genuine websites.

Once you have gathered the information, start with the introduction. Make it interesting, so that readers are tempted to read the rest of the essay. Then write the body. Remember not to write lengthy paragraphs that would look dull and unattractive. Divide it into main points and sub-points, then elaborate on the sub-points.

End with a conclusion, as in any other essay, but here you have the freedom to give your views and opinion about the topic. Proofread it for any grammatical and spelling mistakes and make the necessary corrections.

When it ends, you would realize how easy it was to write one, without the help of any informative essay sample.
There are various websites offering free essay samples, so getting a gist for writing one yourself has become relatively easy. Even though you are providing information, it is important to have a personal style, so that it does not seem duplicated and plagiarized. This is a simple sample and among the commonly dealt informative essay examples in school.
Tourist Attractions in Italy
Being a very popular travel destination in Europe, millions of tourists visit this beautiful country every year from around the globe. There are so many tourist attractions; it is, in fact, difficult to choose a few among them. You name it, and they have it! That is the beauty of this country, with its numerous World Heritage Sites, mountains, lakes, beaches, museums, beautiful cities, and the list goes on.

The most popular tourist attraction is the capital city Rome itself, with its rich cultural heritage. The Colosseum, Castle Sant'Angelo, Fontana di Trevi, the Pantheon, and the Vatican are some of the most visited sites in Rome. Venice is another city in Italy that is famous for its beautiful canals and gondolas. And if you are a lover of Italian art, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence is a place you cannot afford to miss. The city of Naples is known around the world for its architectural beauty and surely it is a photographer's delight. The Leaning Tower of Pisa, being on of the Seven Wonders of the World, attracts the highest number of visitors, not only in Italy, but in the whole of Europe.

Apart from these world renowned sites, Italy offers some of the most panoramic natural sceneries. Due to the temperate climate in the coastal areas, visitors throng its beautiful beaches throughout the year. While in winters, tourists visit the world-class ski resorts in Alps and Dolomite mountains. Italian cuisine is famous and available around the world, but there is a different kind of pleasure in experiencing this taste in its homeland. So, don't miss the pizzas, gelato, and lasagnas while you are visiting Italy.

Being a tourist-friendly country, you need not worry about the accommodation at all. There are enough hostels and hotels to suit everyone's need and budget. All you need is enough time to see all Italy has to offer its visitors.
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The best part about writing an informative essay is the wide variety of topics one can choose from. Since this type of essay is factual in nature, one can never run out of topics. If you have the option of choosing the topic yourself, take the ones that interest you. I wrote the above sample because Italy is one country I would love to visit. Even if the topic is not of your interest, writing an informative essay is all about gathering ideas and putting them together interestingly and creatively. My only word of advice is, stay away from controversial topics, as you may end up being more opinionated than informative.