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Invitation Letter Sample

Invitation Letter Sample

An invitation letter may be formal or informal. While a formal letter may be written by universities inviting parents for graduation ceremonies, an informal letter may be written to invite someone for a social function. Here, we provide you with samples for both such letters, which may be modified depending on the occasion.
Saptakee Sengupta
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
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The content and presentation of any invitation letter reflect your refined attributes like courtesy and modesty. The format of the letter depends on the nature of the occasion and the person you are inviting. For example, a wedding invitation proposal is just the opposite of a business letter. Similarly invitations for birthdays, slumber parties, baby shower ceremonies or any kind gathering have their own theme, format and composition. Invitation letters for sales, grants and convocations have a separate format which is more of formal type.
Informal Invitation Letter Sample
Informal invitation letter
Occasions like birthdays, marriages and various other types of social functions are informal in nature. Invitation letters for informal occasions are usually cordial, friendly, welcoming and wholehearted. It should always make the invitee feel special and that his presence in the occasion is most expected. There is no particular rule for an informal letter format. However, your invitation letter must have a warm approach.
Invitation Letter Example for Birthday

Carla and family.

My birthday falls on 22nd April and I am counting the days of happiness. I am waiting for my friends and family to gather at my home on 22nd April and shower wishes on me. On this special occasion, I cordially invite you and your family to be present with me. Your presence will be most eagerly awaited. Looking forward to seeing you on that day. The details of venue are given below.

Yours lovingly,
Benne Dickson

Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Formal Invitation Letter Sample
Formal invitation letter
Writing a formal invitation letter is actually easier than the informal ones. The format of the formal invitation letter is an important aspect, which should be more precise than elaborate. You should come to the subject matter directly and use of informal wordings should be avoided. Such kind of letters are exchanges for business, sales, grants, delegations etc. At schools or universities, formal invitation is given to students and their family for attending any event or meeting.
The letter must contain the address of the inviter and the invitee as well. A business letter should clearly express the persons views regarding the business deal and other important matters concerned. In short, the format must have a professional appeal. Also note that, it should have the logo of the company at its letterhead. Here's the format.
Invitation Letter Example for Sales


Mobile Parts Sales,
North Street,
Alabama 32,
Phone no. XXXX,
April 15, 2010.

Dear valued customer,

You have been our customer since we opened our business last year. It's in our records and we would like to thank you for your patronage. To celebrate our success we are inviting all our valued customers and other delegates this Sunday.

The event will be showcased at 6 p.m. Our products will be discounted at 50% on that day. We will be grateful to you for accepting the gift vouchers from our side. Coffee and snacks will be served in the evening. 

We look forward to see you on Sunday. For admittance, kindly bring the invitation with you.

Address or Venue
The choice of vocabulary when writing such a letter is yours, and so is the presentation and the calligraphy. Last but not the least, your language should be free from grammatical and spelling errors. These samples should help you write a good invitation letter.