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Letter of Eviction

Letter of Eviction

Looking for the right way to write a letter of eviction? Here is a sample that might help you to write one on your own. Also read the essentials you need while drafting this eviction letter. Read on ..
Neha Joshi
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
A letter of eviction is written by a landlord, when he wants the tenant to vacate 'the place of rental', due reasons that are personal or legal, such as violating the terms mentioned in the rental agreement. In both cases, the landlord needs to give a notice to the tenants. This notice, can be given a few days earlier or, at the most, a month before he actually wants to evict the tenants. The duration of this notice will depend on the nature of eviction. There is a particular procedure, or rather a process of eviction that needs to be followed. It is advised, that talking out a problem once is better than directly sending the notice.

Writing a letter of eviction notice isn't easy, and it is essential that you pay attention to the details. It is always advisable to take legal consultation before sending this letter to your tenant. The reasons for this being that the rules and regulations for tenancy are different in different states, and you might just violate one yourself, unknowingly. There is an eviction letter template provided at the end of this article, before which we will see how to write this letter.

How to Write a Letter of Eviction?

Before drafting this letter, there are a few things you must strictly consider and be aware of. The first is to find out how much 'duration of notice' you need to give your tenant for eviction. This might be stated in the rental agreement, or you can consult a lawyer. Second, you must clearly state the reasons why you want the tenant to vacate your property. Three, you must also specify the course of action or actions you are willing to take if the tenant doesn't vacate the place of rental. One more thing you need to remember is that this letter is not a legal document but you can take the tenant to court anyway. Inform the tenant, that you might resort to sending an actual notice after this letter, if he doesn't comply with the details mentioned. Professional letter writing is a prerequisite. If you don't have knowledge of letter writing, ask a lawyer to draft this letter for you.

Letter of Eviction Template

Given below, is an eviction letter sample which you can refer to while writing a eviction letter yourself. This is to remind you that it is just a sample, and you might have to consult a lawyer before drafting a similar letter, as the clauses and agreements are different for different apartment rentals, again in different states. For example, the essentials for evicting a tenant with no lease might be different from evicting a tenant with lease.

Date: _____________

Name: _____________ [Name of the Tenant (NOT)]
Address: _____________
____________________ [Address of Rented Property]

Dear _______________ [NOT],

This is to inform you that you are requested to evict the property of your current residence which is the legal property of ____________ [Property Owner's Name]. We know that you have not violated or breached any clause in the agreement. However, you have been late in paying the rent for the last 6 months. Due to this reason, you are kindly requested to evict the property in 3 month. Non co-operation may lead us to take legal action against you.

Yours Sincerely,

Name: _________________ [Your Name]

Signature:______________ [Your Signature]

I hope this information, and letter of eviction sample was useful. Now you also know the reasons under which you can draft and send this letter. Make sure you have gone through the entire rental agreement before drafting this letter. Last but not the least, let me remind you that the best advice is to go for some legal consultation, as your money and property, both are at stake. Good luck!