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Letter of Recommendation to Whom it May Concern

Here's How to Write a Letter of Recommendation to Whom it May Concern

The two samples of letter of recommendation to whom it may concern given here, will surely help you write this kind of letter in a correct and professional way.
Hemangi Harankhedkar
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
Though generally required by professionals seeking employment, a letter of recommendation is also required for a variety of other purposes like recommendation of character, or by a student seeking admission in a school or college, etc., Letter of recommendation testifies that the letter recipient is worthy for the post and is trustworthy. Also note that, not anyone can write a letter of recommendation, it can only be written by an experienced person in the concerned field or by someone on a high position.

If you do not know the person, to whom you are addressing the letter to, using the salutation, 'to whom it may concern' will help. The phrase to whom it may concern  is a salutation that is used when you do not know the name of the recipient or it is used in a general sense, that is the same letter can be given by the person to multiple people.

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation

Many students demand letter of recommendation from their former teachers, when they are applying for a job or for a university program. You should neatly format the letter, and should cover all the details. You should take care to keep the language of the letter as formal and professional as possible. Before you begin writing the letter, verify the details of the person, like his/her documents. I have given below two samples, one written by a teacher for his/her student and the other one by an employer for its employee.

# Sample 1: By a Teacher

Joseph Phillips,
Little Roses Girls School,
New York


To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter in support of my former student Catherine Jones. I know Catherine since the time she was young and have seen her grow up from a stubborn kid to a responsible young lady. All I can say about Catherine is that she is an excellent communicator and a born leader.

She is a team player who motivates people around her. Another positive trait which I would like to mention about her is her ability to take lead. On lots of occasions I have seen her take the lead, when people around her were either frightened or took a back seat.

As far as her performance in academics is concerned mathematics had always been her strong point in school. Though a little weak in languages, she always covered that up with her excellent grades in sciences and mathematics. Catherine has always been an active participant in all the science fairs in the school, and was also a winner at most of the competitions. Over the years her interest and progress in science related activities has always seen an upward rise.

If given a chance she would prove to be an excellent researcher because she is both inquisitive and hardworking. If you require any more details of Catherine Jones, you can contact me through my email address -

Yours sincerely,

Joseph Phillips.

# Sample 2: By an Employer

Sandra Carter
Head of Systems Dept,
HJH Corp.


To whom it may concern,

It gives me immense pleasure to me to write this letter of recommendation for Samuel Matthews. Samuel used to work as a software developer in my organization for the past three years, and I can very confidently say that his computer skills are unmatched. Apart from being a computer whiz himself, he is very warm and helpful to others.

Samuel was an asset to the organization, as he was always punctual with his timing and project completion. Samuel is a very ambitious person and is also very career oriented. I am happy with Samuel's career growth and can confidently say that he will prove his worth for the position which he has applied for.

If you have any other queries concerning Samuel, get in touch with me either on my mobile (0977-222-456) or my email address (

Yours sincerely,

Sandra Carter.

This kind of letter belongs to professional league of letters, so care should be taken while writing the letter. The phrase, 'to whom it may concern' is used if you do not know the person. Hopefully, the samples help you in formatting the letter, in the way desired.