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How to Write a Clear and Strong Motivation Letter for Home Loan

Motivation Letter for Home Loan
Have you ever applied for a home loan? If yes, then the chances are that you must have been told to write a motivation letter. Let us know what exactly a motivation letter is and why is it needed...
Rahul Pandita
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
When applying for a home loan, you will be asked for a brief cover letter to convince the bank that you are creditworthy and you can afford the loan. Writing a motivation letter can help you make a strong statement on your behalf and can also make your application stand out from the rest. The letter should be formal, but at the same time it should be persuasive enough to work in your favor. A brief, to-the-point letter ensures that your case is evaluated quickly and the bank trusts you with lending its money.

As this letter will play an important role in determining whether you get the loan or not, allot considerable amount of time to write it. To make a strong case, address the letter to a personal banker or a loan officer who is in-charge of the home-loans department. Make sure that you know the name of the officer and spell it correctly. Just below his name, write the title, i.e, the capacity in which he is working in the bank. Explain your strengths and emphasize how important this loan is for you. Do mention some of the weaknesses you might have and your plan of action to overcome these. Make a small introduction to yourself, like your employment, personal history including any other loans that you might have. Remember that the letter is to be written in a formal style and should not contain slang and any other abbreviations. It should have a cordial greeting and a formal exit. The letter should be written in a simple language and the use of jargon should be avoided.




Dear Loan Officer,

This letter is regarding my home loan request as mentioned by you in our appointment on _________. I have enclosed all the required documents along with this letter.

I am requesting a home loan of $200,000 from your bank as I am thinking of fulfilling a long cherished dream of owning a home. I have carefully taken a look at all the options that I have and decided that the home loan payment plans offered by you are the most competitive in the market, not to forget the easy and flexible repayment options that your esteemed bank has to offer.

I am currently employed with XYZ Private Limited as an assistant manager and have been working there from the past five years. For my work related verification, you can call on the number_____________, or you can write to them at _______________.

I have recently checked my credit rating and the report is good, with a decent credit score. I have also enclosed my salary breakdown which shows that how much can I allot for repayment of the loan amount every month.

I will be really grateful to you if you consider my loan application. In case of any questions or clarifications, you can contact me on ______________. I would be available in case you want to have a meeting with me. Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Yours Sincerely



Many times people rush through the letter and miss on the important points or make it too lengthy or informal. As mentioned before, while writing this letter, you have to be careful with your choice of words. It has to be convincing but should not make the bank feel that everyone else has refused you and you are too desperate to make it this time around. We hope that this article would have familiarized you with the important part a motivation letter plays while applying for a home loan.