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A Huge List of Oxymorons to Help You Understand the Concept

Oxymoron List
If you are looking for something seriously funny that will serve as a simply brilliant example of an oxymoron, the following article provides you with a compiled oxymoron list.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
Oxymoron - dictionary definition
Often, you come across words that are paired together, but maybe completely contradictory in meaning. These word pairs, though actually opposite in meaning, are put together so that the meaning that they are trying to put forward is emphasized. They are known as oxymora, and in this article, you will find an oxymoron list, which will give you some really good and yet, funny oxymora so that you can understand the concept better.
Vital Information
The dictionary defines an oxymoron as a "wittily paradoxical turn of phrase that appeals to 'unconscious responses' instead of rational examinations". A simpler meaning would be that, it is a set of consecutive words that express conflicting meanings. The word is said to be originated from the Greek words, oxy, meaning 'sharp, pointed' and moron, moros that meant 'dull or foolish'.
Many oxymora are simple to understand and interpret their hidden meaning. However, you may come across many such examples that need verbal interpretations and deep understanding. The following is a list for kids who too are struggling to get the correct contradictory set of words together for an assignment or project.
List of Oxymora
  • All alone
  • Wise fool
  • Awfully nice
  • Legal murder
  • Pretty ugly
  • Good and bad
  • Good grief
  • Almost exactly
  • Soft rock
  • Sweet sorrow
  • "Now, then..."
  • Clearly misunderstood
  • Loose tights
  • Plastic glasses
  • Act naturally
  • Found missing
  • Same difference
  • Alone together
  • Peace force
  • Silent scream
  • Small crowd
  • Definite possibility
  • Real phony
  • Exact estimate
  • Resident alien
  • Original copy
  • Living dead
  • Passive aggression
  • Terribly pleased
  • Open secret
  • Random order
  • Recorded live
  • Fresh frozen
  • Old boy
  • Living end
  • Barely clothed
  • Hardly easy
  • Growing small
  • Kind of cruel
  • Real counterfeit diamonds
  • New and improved
  • Green blackboards
  • Positively neutral
  • Blue Grass
  • Strangely familiar
  • Still life
  • Holy hell
  • Hard pillow
  • Blue Fire
  • Less is more
  • A little pregnant
  • Dry Ice
  • Bankrupt millionaire
  • Black light
  • Dry lake
  • Numb sensation
  • Free gift
  • Stand down
  • Anarchy rules
  • Stationary orbit
  • Virtual reality
  • Half full
  • Steel wool
  • Dry wine
  • Freezer Burn
  • Uninvited guest
  • Recent History
  • Constant change
Hopefully, this list of oxymora has helped you understand how this figure of speech is supposed to be used. This list is in no way comprehensive, and just aims at giving you an idea as to what oxymora are.