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Personal Recommendation Letter Sample

Personal Recommendation Letter Sample

Here is a personal recommendation letter sample that you can look at, to be able to draft an effective one yourself, for any purpose.
Puja Lalwani
A recommendation letter is a letter which is written in order to recommend a person for a job, award, position, scholarship, etc. It may be a personal letter of recommendation (written by a friend or acquaintance - not family), or it may be a professional letter of recommendation (written by a colleague or senior). Here, we will discuss a personal letter of recommendation, by providing you with a personal recommendation letter sample.

A personal recommendation letter, also known as a personal reference letter, may be written for a variety of reasons. For instance, these may be required in order to adopt a child, to attain the custody of a child after a divorce, for the approval of a loan, for persons under trial in court, for the nomination for a job or award, or simply to be made a member of a club. It is often a rule that family members are not allowed to write personal recommendation letters, as the letter may be colored due to the relation. However, there may be exceptions to this rule. More often than not, friends, acquaintances, or colleagues may write a personal recommendation letter for someone. Here is a sample that you may take a look at, and frame your own.

Recommendation Letter Sample

It is important to note that the letter should consist only of positive attributes of the person who is being recommended, and no reference to any negative attributes. Moreover, a personal letter of recommendation should preferably be typed out on a letterhead so that it is considered reliable.

Sample Letter of Recommendation (for Adoption)
To whomsoever it may concern,

I, Fiona James am and have been a colleague of Christine Smith for over three years at the Ideal Music Academy.

Christine has the true caliber to deal with children of all types. Though our academy specializes in music education for all age groups, Christine has always been someone who has taken to children (and vice versa) very easily. To watch her together with the kids is a real pleasure. While pampering the children, Christine also knows how to get them to learn and makes sure that they do so properly. The children know exactly when they can have fun with her, and when she means business.

Having been her colleague for a considerable amount of time now, we have also developed a good friendship. I am aware of Christine's humane qualities, and Christine and her husband would like to adopt in order to give a homeless child a beautiful home, and a wonderful family. Christine and her husband David have been married for 6 years now. Though they are capable of having their own children, they are very keen on adopting a child and giving her/him a family. I can only say that the baby they bring home is one that will be truly blessed. With a heart so full of love and so enamored by children, Christine will undoubtedly make the best mother; and with David by her side, the love will only magnify inconceivably.

As Christine and David await the adoption process to be completed and bring home a baby, all I can do is give them my best wishes and pray that they are soon blessed with a beautiful child.

Should you have any queries regarding Christine and David Smith, you may get in touch with me at any time. My contact number is 0000-0000 and my e-mail ID is

Fiona James

If you look closely, a personal recommendation letter is simply an attempt to promote someone, in order to help them achieve what you wish to. While everything does not depend on a recommendation letter, it always adds to the person's profile and gives her/his endeavor a much-needed push.