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Petition Template

Petition Template

Use the petition template given here to draft and write your petition, and hope for success in your endeavor.
Puja Lalwani
A petition is a formal document that enables you to get an authority to complete a certain request by a large number of people. It is required to be signed by numerous people to show that it is supported by this group, and for it to be considered valid. Several authorities require a minimum number of petitions to be considered valid, and these are to be followed by the petitioner. There is also a particular time limit that is associated with a petition, so that it is fulfilled within a given time period and not dragged forever. The right to petition is forbidden in many countries, while in others, there is a law regarding the same, which allows the citizens of the country to file one and have their requests fulfilled.

How To Write a Petition
  • Begin drafting your petition by first determining the problem that you wish to address. It should be genuine and concern a large group of people. The details of the petition should be explained within 2-3 lines. Then address the concerned details regarding the problem. Do not include irrelevant or unnecessary details in your petition.
  • Your cause for the petition should essentially comprise three points: the description of the situation, the requirement, and the purpose of the requirement. Moreover, the requirement is meant to be in keeping with the standard laws that prevail, else it will be considered invalid.
  • Identify the organization this petition is aimed at. Usually petitions are filed towards the government or the local council, but can also be addressed to private organizations such as entertainment and media organizations.
  • Identify the department concerned with the subject of your petition. Filing it with the right department is essential for it to get sanctioned on time.
  • Understand the petition guidelines that vary among the different organizations. For any petition, a certain number of signatures are required for it to be considered. Find out how many you will need for your petition.
  • If you file a petition with a government body, ensure that all the petitioners are registered voters.
Though writing a petition is not very difficult, you can refer to one that has been filed in the past or look for some online, and then proceed to draft it using the template given below.

NEW! Given below is a ready-to-print template. Simply click on the template to print it immediately.



Primary Reason for Petition:

Details of Lead Petitioner





We, the undersigned, want the ___________________________________________ to:

Signature of Lead Petitioner:

Signatures of Other Petitioners

Sr. No.NameAddressSignature

Here is a downloadable petition template that you can print and use whenever necessary.

Once you have prepared your petition using this template, send it to the required organization. It is the best way to communicate your problem and to get things done; and if considered genuine, expect positive results with your petition at the earliest.