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Random Topics to Write About

An Amazing Collection of Random Topics to Write About

Oh boy, another school assignment and another writing task. But what will you write about? What are some of the topics that you can write on? Ideas not coming through? Maybe the following article will be of some help.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
You know, every time I used to have a writing assignment at school, I'd sit wondering what I could write on, that was not written on before. Something that is not hashed and rehashed. Something that is fresh and new. What is something that I can write, that will evoke and sustain interest? And then the solution scurries through―Random. Because, you see, nothing random ever pressures, it does not expect, and most of all, it does not limit. That's it then, I'm going to focus on and bring into action random topics to write about. The deal is that random topics have a way with the world. You can go in any direction you think you should go, and you can go successfully.
List of Random Topics
  • A day without water (Do a funny take on this one for added effect)
  • When songs start a trail of memories.
  • Heart breaks. Do they make you stronger?
  • Tea with a celebrity.
  • A day as Lady Gaga. (Alternately, a day as someone completely differing will also do―Mother Teresa, perhaps?)
  • Going bald in the summer.
  • Shackled in fashion. How important is fashion?
  • On the brink of suicide...
  • Social networking sites are mere sophisticated tools of stalking.
  • My last day on Earth.
  • Turning into the opposite sex. How would you deal with it.
  • Money. Relations. Or both? And where to find the balance?
  • Living as a vegetable or death. My take on mercy killing.
  • On the streets of a random city.
  • Journeying through India.
  • Lights on or lights off?
  • White shirt-blue jeans or black shirt-blue jeans?
  • Suffering from a multiple personality disorder and how cool it would be.
  • Writing a book on life.
  • Pregnant before marriage (If you're a girl how would you react. If you're a guy and your girl was pregnant, how would you react?)
  • A drunk guy in the subway seat next to mine.
  • Dreaming of snakes.
  • Stuck in the lift...with a power failure...alone (Or with someone who's drop dead gorgeous, obviously of the opposite sex.)
  • Drenched in rain from head to toe.
  • Being Aaron Ralston (Watch 127 hours!)
  • Films imitating life.
  • Being the President and what you'd do different.
  • These are a few of my favorite things...
  • What music does to me.
  • Getting sloshed and silly.
  • Getting a tattoo. Why and where.
  • Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?
  • Why some people should never have been born.
  • Films that have left an indelible mark on my life.
  • Skipping work for a friend.
  • How to make everyone happy.
  • Why drugs is never the answer.
  • Back to Earth as a ghost.
  • End of the world in 2012.
  • Easy ways to earn some extra cash.
  • Turning back time (For that 'one' special thing).
  • What I learned from my grandma.
  • Why can't people mind their own business?
  • My favorite TV show.
  • If Chandler Bing were real.
  • If I woke up as someone else, who would it be?
  • Tonight's gonna be a good, good night.
  • Why I love the guy who invented/discovered coffee. (Love, love, love)
  • Life after death.
  • Hiccups all day.
  • Getting rid of a love bite before the meeting.
Random and interesting topics to write about you asked for, and isn't that what I delivered? These were musings, of course. I'm sure if you sit and think of some of the most random topics, they'll make way through and through. Go ahead. Ponder over these topics and choose something that you want to and feel like writing on.