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Recommendation Letter for Teacher

Recommendation Letter for Teacher

Want your favorite teacher to join your/your ward's school and wish to recommend him/her? This article tells you how to write a recommendation letter.
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A recommendation letter, or a reference letter is required by an individual, when he is applying for a job, for a scholarship, or seeking admission in an institution or university. As the name suggests, a recommendation letter is one which gives testimony to the fact that the person is dependable and has certain abilities associated with the job or scholarship he/she is applying for.

The letter should firstly introduce the person who is giving the reference. The details as in their name and address, followed by whom the letter is addressed to should also be given. In most cases, a recommendation letter has an anonymous salutation, i.e., 'To Whom It May Concern.' But it is always good if you personalize the letter which is possible only if the recipient is known beforehand.



This section should contain the salutation to the addressee along with his/her address, if he/she is known, else it may be To Whom It May Concern.

Body of the Letter
This section of the letter should have the main content, i.e., the reasons for which you are recommending the teacher to the addressee. You can explain how the teacher in question has contributed in your life or your ward's life (if the letter is written by a parent/guardian).

Conclusion of the Letter
The concluding paragraph should express gratitude towards the addressee for taking out time to have a look at your letter and also reiterate that the teacher is perfect for the job opening or employment.

Your Name

Sample Recommendation Letter


Central School
17 Military Lines
New York

Dear Sir,
I, Portia Paul, parent of Antonio Paul of the sixth grade of your school, am honored to write this letter on behalf of Miss. Hepsi Rachel, for recommending her as a primary teacher in your school. I am glad to say that it is because of her that my ward, along with his entire class, in the previous school, developed immense interest in Mathematics and also secured good marks. She is a perfect blend of strictness and kindness. She is capable of recognizing a student's potential as well as weaknesses, apart from being very dedicated and sincere.

In the best interest of your school as well as the students, I recommend Miss. Hepsi Rachel. An opportunity may kindly be given to her and am sure she will prove to be an asset to your school. She is a Master in Mathematics from University of Massachusetts, and has been teaching since the last two years.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,
Mrs.Portia Paul
Contact No. 515 555 444

I hope the sample letter given here will prove helpful for you to draft a letter of recommendation for your purpose.