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Recommendation Letter Sample for Graduate School

Recommendation Letter Sample for Graduate School

The recommendation letter sample for graduate school presented in this article will let you know the exact format and the important points that should be included in the letter.
Saptakee Sengupta
If you have been a star student in your high school and have excelled in extracurricular activities as well, do not assume that you will not require a recommendation letter for taking admission in a reputed graduate school, because you will. Not that it is going to simplify the process of admission, but getting recommended by the higher authority definitely has some additional advantages. When your principal or professor has given due honor to you in a letter, then you will be identified as an outstanding student wherever you are seeking admission. Thus, your chances of getting selected increases. On that note, this article provides you with a recommendation letter sample for graduate school.

Vital Information

The content of the reference letter comprises your overall performance in school, as well as the activities in which you have participated. Your academic endeavors and skills should be focused on. While checking the example provided, you will find out that more emphasis is given on your practical approach to solving problems, your agility in class, and your enthusiasm to participate in co-curricular activities. This way your attributes are revealed, and that gives you the boost for getting recognized. The addressee will be the head authority of the concerned organization, or the person who is in charge of the admission process. It is written on behalf of you, where you will be introduced to the prospective person by your teacher. The reasons for recommending you will also be stated clearly by your professor. In the subsequent paragraphs, your potential will be elaborated that will be justifying your scope for getting admission. This way the entire content will be framed.

An Example

Recommendation Letter Sample for Graduate School

Dear Sir/Madam,

I'm David King, the principal of ABC High School, and I am writing this letter on behalf of Ruskin Meyer, a bona fide student of my institution. He has had an excellent academic record and I feel proud to recommend him for seeking admission in your esteemed organization.

Ruskin has studied for the last five years at ABC High School and has always held up its reputation by being an outstanding student. His interest revolved mainly around biological sciences, nevertheless he has been a consistent achiever of awards pertaining to music, drama, and other forms of art. This scientific endeavor is praiseworthy, since he has actively taken part in science fair projects and exhibition. He has been playing the role of group leader for the last two years.

I would be highly obliged if you consider Ruskin as one amongst the most eligible candidates who have applied for the biological science program in your high school after verifying his accomplishments. You can contact me at the following address for any clarification.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

David King
Principal of ABC High School
Contact no: 00000000

I hope this example has cleared your doubts about the purpose and the need of a reference letter. The information provided in the template is an effort to let you know the important points that must be included. You can also browse online resources to come across some more examples.