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Sample Character Letter

Sample Character Letter

Character letters are required by some employers, institutions, and even the court to know about the character information of a person. In this article, I have presented before you some sample character letters.
Kundan Pandey
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Writing character letters is different from writing many of the business letters. Nowadays, in various institutions and jobs, the employer or the authorities have made character letters an important criteria for screening candidates. This is so because a character letter from a genuine authority means that an individual has the manners and integrity in thoughts that are expected at a workplace. Some even use character reference letters for recommending individuals for final interview positions.

Sample Character Recommendation Letters
By going through the character recommendation letters that have been presented below, you'll be able to understand what exactly to write in such letters. While there can be no fixed rules to write these letters, the basics of effective letter writing and business communication letters must always be kept in mind. Politeness and brevity form the soul of a letter and they also reflect the nature of the writer. Have a look at below example to find more.

Character recommendation letter for a Fellowship Program

To Whom it May Concern,

It gives me great satisfaction to recommend Peter T. D'Costa for the 'Journalism for Courage' fellowship program as a part of specialized journalism course. I've known Peter for about 4 years as an undergraduate student in communication course of my university. I've worked with him closely on projects related to improvement of video and audio editing of news in college years. Even after leaving college, like most students, Peter had been in touch with me through mails, letters and calls. He personally visited me after he got an appreciation award for the documentary his team created on wildlife conservation programs in the US.

Peter has brilliant charisma and an imposing personality. Full of enthusiasm, he has always been ready to cover news even during life-threatening situations. As a professor, I've known him for his excellent communication skills especially his writing skills. Besides being an academically oriented student, Peter loved performing for theaters and documentaries.

Once Peter organized a campaign for spreading awareness about the increasing threat of AIDS. Initially, he wasn't supported by many, however as he moved ahead, the whole college was with him. I have an appreciation for his matured journalistic outlook on various matters. His character traits like integrity and honesty are what I cherish the most about him as a journalist. I'm confident that after attending your fellowship program, he will turn out be one of your best candidates. In the future if you wish to know more about Peter, then feel free to contact me.

Arthur Doyle,
Communication Professor
Name of the University
Contact Number and E-mail Id

Sample Character Letter for Court
An important piece of evidence, a sample character letter for court can be an effective tool to win a case for your client or lessen penalties imposed on him. People having knowledge about the working of court must be aware of how important a character letter can be for their clients. By reading the sample letter for court below, you can get an idea of what to include in such letters.

Character recommendation letter for Court

To the Sentencing Magistrate,
Your Honor,

Though Peter has been my neighbor for the past two years, I've known him for the past 20 years. We share a close relationship and he has been with me in all the ups and downs of life.

During all my acquaintance with Peter, I've found him to be a trustworthy and honest person. Peter had an unstable childhood as his parents had issues with each other. Due to alcohol addiction, Peter's father died when he was 8 years old.

Peter's mother raised him facing all the hardships of life. In an unfortunate accident, Peter lost his mother when he was 16 years old. Still, Peter has been with his relatives and has grown up to be a responsible citizen and a good father and a husband.

As per the court's information and as told by Peter, I've come to know that Peter has been charged of damaging public property after over consumption of alcohol. Your Honor, Peter has told me that he was under the influence of alcohol and so that incident occurred. He is embarrassed about his behavior and is ready to pay the monetary penalty of the window and door that he broke. I know Peter since a long time and I'm aware that he is not an alcohol addict. So, I request you to please give him a chance to rectify his mistakes.

Yours sincerely,
Neil' O Douglas

Hope these sample character letters must have given you some ideas on how to write character letters. Whatever you write in a character letter, ensure that the information about the person is true or else it can create a wrong impression on the prospective employer or in front of the court.