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Sponsorship Proposal Sample

You Won't Find This Sponsorship Proposal Sample Anywhere Else

Sponsorship proposal sample will help you to understand what to include in your letter, so that you can attract potential corporate sponsors for your events. Keep reading to know more about the same.
Kundan Pandey
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
Sponsorship letters
Sponsorship letters are written to get sponsors for the program(s) that your company or firm may be aiming to organize. Any company that will agree to sponsor your events will think of the business potential that your program has.

The sponsorship will be like an advertisement for the company so the prospective firm will analyze the marketing potential of your event. The scope of publicity in the event and the number of audience that it will attract, all this will be critically analyzed by the company.

The following sponsorship proposal sample will give you some hints on writing this letter.
Writing a Sponsorship Letter
Some of the important writing tips for the sponsorship letter have been mentioned below:

  • Include crucial points like the funds that were raised and the potential of the program in the last year programs. This gives them a hint about the potential of the event.
  • Give some information about the organization that is offering the sponsorship.
  • Mention about the information of the property and events. That means about the program of the event.
  • Summarize the event in brief and give them the necessary details like your contact number and other required information.
Sample of a Sponsorship Proposal
Presented below is a sponsorship proposal sample and by going through it you can see the sponsorship proposal format. Remember you need to be clear and concise in your letter. Don't talk about everything in the letter but ensure that it is enough for the prospective firm to contact you in future.
A Sample for National Advertising Awards

City, State, Zip

Dear Sponsor (give the name for example, XYZ creative Pvt. Ltd)

I feel happy to contact you at the suggestion of (give the name) who informed me that your company specializes in managing and sponsoring corporate events. I wish to present your company XYZ Creative Pvt. Ltd., an opportunity to sponsor the event of the National Advertising Awards which will witness the stalwarts and bigwigs of the US advertising fraternity.

The function is scheduled to be held after 3 months and so we have decided to fix sponsors for our program. Like every other year, we've decided to host a two-day program for show casing some of the best advertisements and documentary films from all over the world. Last year, the award function was cosponsored by the ABC event organizers and they were satisfied to share the success that our program drew. The program attracted nearly 2000 Ad agencies from different parts of the country and nearly 20,000 volunteers made the program a success. This year we are expecting a better response.

All the benefits derived from the sponsorship programs will be distributed as per the rules and regulations we have laid down. We would be happy to share all the information with you once you're ready to contact us. Promotional coupons, Ad shows and stalls have been planned and we need the expert guidance of your sponsorship to make this event a success.

We hope a quick response from you so that we can discuss the event in detail. I'll contact you on (give the date/time) to ask for a scheduling meeting with your company. Meanwhile, feel free to contact me on my (give phone number and email ID).

Yours sincerely,
(Give the name)
Event Planning and coordinator
As you can observe, the sponsorship proposal sample has briefly talked about the core elements and has tried to make an impact on the prospective firm. There are various online websites that offer free sponsorship proposal templates that can help you to get specific examples of sponsorship letters. Hope these tips must have given you some ideas about sponsorship proposal letters.
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