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Sponsorship Request Letter Template

Sponsorship Request Letter Template

There are many events and occasions where a sponsor is needed to cover certain expenditures. A sponsorship request letter template has been provided here, that will elaborate on the concept and format of such a letter.
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Last Updated: May 5, 2018
The concept of sponsoring a particular event, occasion, person, or a group is a familiar practice. Rather, it is an integral part of marketing and advertising the sponsoring company's products, brands, and image. The concept of sponsorship is simple. A person or an event needs funds to pay off organizational expenditures. These people, or their event managers, approach related companies who work in the filed. The company helps the people to pay off the expenditures, and in return, the sponsoring company is permitted to advertise their brand and image in front of the assembled crowd.

For example, football is an important sporting event in European nations. Barclay's, a banking organization, sponsors several football events, and in return, the image of the bank is advertised live on football matches and also on television broadcasts. Thus, the entire transaction has a two-way advantage, as the event or person gets sponsored, and the company can successfully promote its image, brand, reputation, and sales. Sports stars, actors, models, sports events, educational events, and fashion events are sponsored by companies.

The first step to initiate the entire transaction is writing a good introduction letter. This letter should be carefully drafted due to the fact that in case of a sponsorship letter, a first impression tends to be a last impression. Hence, take a careful look at the sponsorship letter template beforehand, and make several drafts of the letter and select the best one.

Sponsorship Request Letter Format

A sponsorship letter template will certainly prove to be useful, however, it would also be advisable to have a look at the proper format that can be followed to write such a letter.
  • Make it a point to know all the technical literature about the company, such as the area of operations, sales, key personnel, and also the person whom you are going to address the letter to. After the appropriate research, start writing.
  • It is better to keep the letter short and crisp, and hence, it is recommended that the letter be divided into 3 parts: the first one to establish context, the second one to give the details and references, while the last part concludes the letter.
  • The two writing tips for the letter include, first, it should be factually correct, second, it should be like business writing, that sounds polite, professional, and informal all the same time.
  • Lastly, use a letterhead and neat paper and a clear printer for the letter.
Sponsorship Request Letter Template

The following letter is addressed to an engineering and production company requesting funds for a technology educational fair.

(Name and address of the concerned person)

Dear Sir,

I am a student of TechMex Engineering college and currently in charge of NextTech technology fair. I am addressing this letter to you in order to seek funds from your company as a sponsor for the fair.

The NextTech tech fair is an academic meet and exhibition that aims at promotion of quality control in the field of engineering. The fair is to be held on 25th of September, and will be hosted by the TechMex Engineering college in its premises. As this is an introductory offer, we are not quoting any specific requirement. However, as an assurance, all the ongoing accounts and the accounts of the previous years have been affixed. Your company will have a free amortizing right within the premises of the college. Please note that proposed advertisements should be notified beforehand.

I have also attached a reference letter from Mr. XYZ, a teacher who has worked previously with your company.

Waiting eagerly for your reply and quotation.

Thanking you,

(writers name and signature)

Note that the names that have been used in the letter are fictitious. A word of caution, do not use the template word for word, as it is often deemed to be very unprofessional.