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Tips on Writing a Recommendation Letter for Nanny

Tips on Writing a Recommendation Letter for Nanny

When you were in need of a guardian angel to help look after your kids, there came the nanny who has been there for you and your family ever since. This Buzzle article mentions some effective tips on writing a recommendation letter for nanny.
Rohini Mohan
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2010 median pay of nannies is about $20,000 per year.
Being busy parents can make it hard to give all the attention that is due to our children. However, the love and care provided by an equally considerate and efficient nanny, can ensure that the children are raised well and not neglected in any manner.

For children, the nanny is their friend, teacher, chef, and playmate, who is constantly at their side and always taking care of their needs. As for the parents, she/he is their support system. The nanny is that one person on whom parents can rely on in case of health emergencies, sudden change of work schedule, out of town business trips, and the routine day-to-day tasks that cannot be done by a working parent.

An especially good nanny is hard to find and if you're lucky enough to find such a person, it is even more hard to let go. If the nanny is leaving your family, the least you can do is to write an appropriate recommendation letter for him/her, in order to show your earnest gratitude and appreciation. Following are some tips that will help you frame the perfect recommendation letter for your family's beloved nanny.

How to Write a Nanny Reference Letter
  • The letter of recommendation must be written while keeping the next employer or agency in mind. It should ideally begin with the salutation, "To Whom It May Concern", if the nanny is planning to apply for varying child care job openings or if the letter will be addressed to many potential clients.
  • You may start the letter on last name basis, if the identity of the new hiring family is known to you. The letter must be written from the perspective of one parent referring a dependable child care candidate to another parent in need.
  • Usually, a salutation using the last name of the addressee is used. However, using a salutation such as "Dear Sir or Ma'am" will allow the nanny to use the copy of the reference letter for similar job openings.
  • The letter must immediately explain the reason for having ended the term of employment with the nanny. It must also give information about the total duration during which the nanny was employed by you and the various responsibilities handled, the number of children you have, and whether the nanny was provided residence with the family or was required to work on specific days of the week.
  • The most important part of the letter must be dedicated to describing the work ethic and efficiency of the nanny. You will need to describe a few instances that have helped deepen the trust you have in your nanny. You will also need to mention how you and the children have benefited from the care given by the nanny.
  • You will need to describe the nanny's positive traits and strengths. Facts such as punctuality and taking initiative to look after the children without having to be reminded or prompted are traits that every parent seeks in a nanny.
  • If the letter is being written for a post in a child care facility or for higher studies in child care, you will need to direct the attention of the addressee towards the useful skills and efficiency of the nanny.
  • End the letter by providing your contact information, on which the hiring family can contact you for further queries and concerns.
  • In order to prove the credibility of the nanny's letter of recommendation, it must mention the date on which the letter was written and your signature.

Sample Letter of Recommendation for Nanny

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

I am writing to recommend Ms. Jane Doe as a nanny for your family. Jane became a part of our family in 2008 and has ever since been a pillar of strength for me and my children. I have two lovely girls, Anya (12) and Dawn (9), who absolutely adore their nanny.

The nature of my work was such that, I would often return home late and would occasionally have to attend conferences across the country. Jane was hired as a live-in nanny and was thus always there to look after my children.

However, I have recently decided to work from the comfort of my home and find myself not needing the services of a full-time nanny. Which is why I seek to ensure that our Jane is suitably employed in a family that is in need of a dependable nanny.

The first thing that struck me about Jane was her calm demeanor and immense knowledge about child care. I have never had to tell her something twice and many a time, she would have already taken care of things before I could ask her. For instance, she was the one who thought of sealing some switch sockets at home so that the kids wouldn't accidentally touch them.

Of her many strengths, she is best at multitasking. She often gets the dinner ready while she helps the kids with their homework. She would read stories to the kids and lay out their clothes for school. She is also extremely punctual and has never been late in dropping or picking up the girls from school or their dance classes.

She is also exceptionally well-read and encourages my children to learn new and interesting facts everyday. These quiz sessions usually happen while driving to school and help the girls stay alert in class.

There was this one time, when Dawn, my youngest daughter, was asked to play the role of a tree in a school play and had to make the costume from home. Jane painstakingly spent several nights perfecting the costume and did a marvelous job at it. And might I add, Dawn was the best looking tree in that play. Jane is also quite talented at sketching, and she has taught my children how to sketch and shade.

Jane always conducts herself professionally, and has never shirked her duties or shown any irritability towards her job or at the girls. She is very witty and all in all, keeps my children entertained and very happy. She respects individual space and confidentiality, and knows when to be stern and a disciplinarian with children.

Had my own employment circumstances not changed, I would have never dreamed of letting Jane go. However, I hope that you will find an equally efficient and caring nanny in Jane as we have. Please feel free to contact me over the phone or email in case you have any further queries.


Rose Tucker
(Phone number)

Another point to note while writing a recommendation letter is to never mention the compensation history of the nanny.