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Affidavit of Support Sample

Affidavit of Support Sample

Visa applications for students, visitors and those intending to migrate to the US would be incomplete without an affidavit of support from a local resident. Here is a guide for creating an affidavit of support.
Aparna Iyer
Last Updated: Apr 5, 2018
The US Citizenship and Immigration Services expect visa applicants to submit an affidavit of support duly filled by a sponsor who is a citizen of the US. As part of the affidavit, the sponsors are required to provide a proof of sufficient monetary funds to assure that the students and visitors are not in danger of becoming a public charge. Hence, it is essential to attach copies of investment documents and bank records along with the affidavit. In the US, a notary public is authorized to administer oaths and affirmations, and authenticate the execution of affidavit of support. All foreign nationals may get their affidavits certified from the US Consulate or the embassy office.
Affidavit of Support for International Students
International students need to obtain a financial affidavit of support from their sponsor. Please remember:
  • The sponsor should be able and willing to help the student and should state the same in a notarized affidavit of support.
  • The sponsor can be a parent who is residing in the student's home country or a relative who is a naturalized US citizen.
  • The sponsor must furnish documents including his passport copies, recent bank statement and other financial details, along with the completed affidavit. These documents need to be duly certified by the sponsor's bank.
  • The university website may offer a printable affidavit of support form. If not, then use the sample letter provided below for making an affidavit on your own.
Sample Letter
(strike out whichever not applicable)

Dr. Malcolm Smith
1514, Davis Drive,
Faith Avenue,
Atlanta, Georgia
Contact no: 0077-4568-231
Email id:

Date: June 10th 2012

To Whomsoever It May Concern

I, Dr. Malcolm Smith, wife of/son of Jules Smith, resident of 1514, Davis Drive, Faith Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia, do hereby solemnly swear and declare as under:
  • That my citizenship/nationality is American. My passport/voter card/driving license number is ABC1234 issued at Atlanta onSeptember 14th 2008.
  • That I am employed as/in business Medical Professional sinceDecember 1995 and my annual income is $200000 as per income tax return.
  • That I am sponsoring my son/daughter/(if any other relation, please specify)______, Mr./Ms Michelle Smith, resident of 1514, Davis Drive, Faith Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia, who is undertaking undergraduate studies in The United Kingdom at Sussex University in History of English Literature. The duration of this course is 3 years beginning from September 2012 to July 2015.
  • That I undertake to provide full financial support during his/her stay at Sussex University, The United Kingdom including his/her tuition fees of £50000 per annum and living expenses of up to£10000 per annum.
Enclosed: (Make a list of annexures/supportive financial documents)

Dr. Malcolm Smith
Affidavit of Support for Visitor's Visa
Another version of affidavit of support is the one that needs to be submitted by foreign nationals to the embassy for obtaining a visitor's visa. Instead of a letter, there is a printable affidavit of support form available on the embassy website. It is known as Form i-134. Sponsors are expected to furnish their personal details, financial details, and express their ability and willingness to assume full responsibility for the visitors during the entire duration of their visit. Please note that the i-134 form need not to be notarized.
Affidavit of Support for Intending Immigrants
People who wish to immigrate to the US permanently, need to submit an affidavit of support form duly filled by a sponsor who is a US citizen. This form is known as Form i-864 and can be easily downloaded from the embassy website. Please note that, the i-864 form need not be notarized.
Hopefully, the details mentioned above regarding the affidavit of support will prove useful to my readers. If you are still in doubt, it would be prudent to consult relevant authorities or visit the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website for further details in this regard. You may also contact USCIS on 1-800-375-5283, for personal guidance in this matter.
Disclaimer: The identities used in the sample letter are fictitious. Any association with actual people, is purely coincidental.