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Affidavit Sample

Legal affairs demand decorum, and an integral part of such decorum is an affidavit. An affidavit sample has been provided here, which will help you draft one for yourself.
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Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
The decorum that is prescribed by the law of the land is a difficult one, and in a democracy, it is highly rational, with every fact and document requiring legal backing, authenticity, and an attestation that has a universal acceptance. The concept of affidavit is quite old, as old as the concept of 'justice' at the mercy of a rightful and honorable judge. Today, in the modern era, the concept has gained a lot of significance, as it put forth a piece of paper and is held as a conclusive evidence, which is accepted in common parlance. It is attested, authenticated, and recognized by the law of the land. An affidavit becomes an important declaration by law.

The Concept Explained
  • An affidavit is a written document, and is also signed by the writer and is attested by a person who is authorized by the court of law, to attest affidavits.
  • This authority can be the commissioner authorized to sign an affidavit, a magistrate, notary public, taker and commissioner of oaths, or a judge. It may differ from case to case.
  • There are 4 principle elements of the affidavit format - a commencement, an averment, the statement of truth, and the signatory clause.
  • A commencement identifies the affiant, i.e., the person who is making the affidavit.
  • An averment is the declaration of some statements.
  • The statement of truth is whatever is declared to be true.
  • The attestation and the signatory clause come last.
  • An affidavit is written and signed under an oath of truth, and intentional misleading facts tend to have dire legal consequences.
Affidavit Sample

The following is a sample, which you can also treat as a template and can use and modify. It has been written by a legal guardian and godfather for the convenience of his ward who is applying for higher studies. Note that the affidavit is fictitious.

          Affidavit of Legal Guardian and Godfather Status

This affidavit is made for the sole purpose of declaring that I, name of address, make oath and state as follows...
  1. I am the legal guardian and godfather of name, of address, and daughter of name and name, born on date.
  2. I am married to name, but do not have any children.
  3. I am the sole custodian and legal guardian of name, since date in accordance with her late father's (name) will and consent of all grandparents.
  4. I also state that she (name) has been residing with me and my wife, since date.
  5. I state that me and my wife have taken care of her and catered to all her material and emotional needs.
I make this affidavit to support the fact that name, my ward and god-daughter is 18 years of age and has attended all her high school demands. I wish to lawfully, truthfully establish the fact that name is my god-daughter and she may use this document in any or all documents that need her to get the guardian's signature.'

All facts and figures, aforementioned are truth and nothing but the truth.

Signature of affiant

Sworn Before me at place and on date.

Signature of authority

I, name agree and accept that the aforementioned facts and figures stated by my legal guardian and godfather name are the truth and nothing but the truth.


Signature of witness

It is always advisable to get the affidavit drafted by a lawyer, since it is an extremely important document. If you plan to draft one yourself, then it is advisable that you consult an attorney and also the authority who takes the oath. You can also have a look at affidavit of heir-ship and affidavit of support sample letter for further leads.