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Appeal Letter Sample

Appeal Letter Sample

Appeal letters are business letters and should reflect decency and professionalism. Here is how these letters are to be written.
Kundan Pandey
Sometimes, on account of incorrect information or administrative failures, there can be a rejection of request for financial assistance or a discrepancy in getting justice to an individual. Here, an appeal letter plays a pivotal role in getting help and claiming for compensation/ deserved money. Let us now understand the method of writing such appeal letters.

Crucial Tips
  • Appeal letters are used to put across a writer's point of view. Hence, the language used in the letter should be able to convince the reader to accept the writer's appeal.
  • If the letter is being written by an individual, it should always begin with the name, address and contact number of the writer. In case of an organization, appeal letters are always written on a letterhead.
  • Mention an introducer's name, in case the appeal is being presented through his intervention.
  • Include an appropriate date at the beginning of the letter.
  • Next mention the full name, designation, mailing address and contact number of the addressee. If the name of the addressee is not known, then mention the designation of the concerned officer and name of the organization.
  • The letter should always bear an appropriate subject line. The subject line should be as concise as possible.
  • Use appropriate salutations such as Dear Mr./Ms./Dr. (last name), when name of the addressee is known. In all other cases, use Dear Sir/Madam.
  • The main body of the letter should contain not more than three paragraphs. Towards the end, thank the reader for sparing some quality time to go through your letter.
  • Close the letter with a 'Sincerely', followed by the writer's signature, name, designation (optional) and name of the organization (optional).

Letter Sample

Peter Wilson
Block 4/43,
20 Hamburger Street,
AZ- 56486

Date: May 16, 2012

Students' Relation Officer
Students' Financial Assistance Program
ABC University

Re: Appeal to renew the financial assistance

Dear Sir,
This is with reference to my financial assistance that has been suspended with effect from February 1st, 2012, by the financial assistance department. I need financial help to complete my education. Ever since it has been stopped, I have worked overtime to support my studies. Last semester, my performance was below average and I take full responsibility of it. I believe, my hectic work schedule prevented me from making satisfactory academic progress. At that time, I was working 45+ hours per week.

Henceforth, I promise to cut my working hours and focus more on my studies. But for that, I will need financial assistance from the university. I will obtain a tutor for classes that I'm finding difficult to understand and will frequently meet my instructors to evaluate my progress as a student. I will enroll in study groups and work hard to achieve progress. Without a financial assistance, I can attend my classes just thrice a week. With a renewed financial assistance, I will be in a position to attend all my classes throughout the week.

I have already discussed this matter with Ms. Simone Connelly, Vice chancellor of ABC University on May 14th, 2012. Without adequate financial assistance program, I hope to complete my graduate degree in business administration by the end of this academic year. Therefore, I request you to sort this issue as early as possible. I have been a good student in my past years and I'm confident to bounce back and perform well in the coming exams.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Peter Wilson

Letter Template
Introducer's Name (optional)
Sender's/Organization's Name
Mailing Address
Contact Number


Addressee's Name (if known)
Mailing Address

Re: Appeal letter for _(mention reason)_

Dear Sir/Madam,
First Paragraph
Begin this paragraph by mentioning the nature of your appeal. Mention in brief the reasons why you are making an appeal to the concerned authorities.

Second Paragraph
Use this paragraph to elaborate the reasons of appeal in a bit more detail. Mention dates, time place, and names of the concerned people with whom you have previously discussed your appeal. You may even mention the efforts being taken by you or your organization to cope up with the problem.

Third Paragraph
This is the last paragraph of the letter. Here, you may mention how the acceptance of appeal can benefit you or your organization. Be open to discuss the appeal personally, if required.

End the letter by thanking the addressee in advance.
e.g. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sender's Name
Organization's Name (if necessary)

Just like any other category of business letters, appeal letters need to be proofread thoroughly. After all, an error-free letter always makes a better impression on the reader. Avoid using complicated words while writing to avoid reader's confusion. With these tips, letter sample and template, I hope you are now well-versed with the appeal letter format.