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Appeal Letter Template

Appeal Letter Template

A right set of words and a lot of convincing power is all it takes to create an appeal letter. If you are not sure with the perfect language for writing appeal letters on your own, then here is a letter template to help you out.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Appeal letters may have to be written to get a reversal of unfair decisions and judgments made by some authorities. They may also be written to influence the thoughts of higher authorities before final decisions regarding certain matters are taken. Whichever be the case, an appeal letter needs to follow a special format. Find below a detailed template, letter sample and guidance for writing an appeal letter.

Guide for Writing

It is said that you need a lot of courage to write appeal letters for a personal cause. Similarly, you cannot write an appeal letter if you hold on to your ego and consider the task below your dignity.

Appeal letters for a social cause need to be backed by some kind of a government approval. e.g. approval from commissioner of charities. So be very careful when you draft such letters.

It is expected that you mention your full name and communication details at the beginning of the letter. Mention the name of any mediator or introducer who is helping you to get your appeal across.

Mention your problem and the appeal in detail. This helps the reader to understand your problem completely and encourages him to reply positively to your appeal.

Mention your gratitude by thanking the reader at least twice for going through your appeal.

Letter Template


Sender's Name
Introducer's Name (optional)
Contact Number
Email id

Addressee's Name

Re: Appeal Letter for _(mention nature of appeal)_

Dear Sir/Madam,
First Paragraph
This paragraph gives a brief introduction of the appeal to the reader.
Second Paragraph
This paragraph gives a significant description of the appeal. One may also include the reasons why such an appeal had to be made.
Third Paragraph
This paragraph describes the way in which the acceptance of appeal can help the writer. It may include points which prove that the writer is eligible for acceptance of the appeal.

Thanking you!

Sender's Name

Letter Sample

Date: February 14th, 2012

Ms. Goldie Mathews
14, Crow Street,

Ms. Clara Winston
Eastbourne Town School,

Re: Appeal for reduction of school fees

Dear Madam,
This is with reference to my son, Paul Mathews, studying in 5th grade class of Eastbourne Town School. I am writing this letter for putting forth my appeal for reduction of his school fees, since I am not in a financially sound position to pay them.

Paul Mathews has been studying in Eastbourne Town School since he began his first grade. Ever since then, he has always been one of the top three students of his class. He has been regularly winning accolades for the school in the field of sports, elocution, science and arts. He has already received the best student award in your school for the past two years consecutively. Paul looks forward for a bright future and excellent career in his life. However, I am a single mother. I have been working for more than 45 hours a week to make our ends meet. Presently, I am overburdened with expenses towards grocery bills, home rent, electricity and telephone bills, gas expenses, and school fees for Paul and his younger sister Ava. I wish to put forth my appeal to reduce or subsidize Paul's school fees, so that he will be able to continue his education smoothly. Alternately, I would appreciate if you let me know some details pertaining to scholarships for students from financially underprivileged families.

I am attaching herewith, copies of my salary statements for the past 6 months along with a chart showing my family's average monthly expenses. I really want Paul to have a good education, without any disruptions. Therefore, I request you to consider my plea and help us by reducing our monetary burden.

Thanking you in advance for your kindly support!

Ms. Goldie Mathews
Parent of Paul Mathews

I hope my letter template and sample will help you to prepare an appeal letter on your own. Please include sufficient documentary proofs with the letter, to make your appeal seem more realistic to the reader. An appeal case that sounds genuine is likely to get a quick approval.