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Sales Letter Templates

Sales Letter Templates

Looking for sales letter templates that will help you to draft one for your company? The following article will provide you with an example for the same that will help you to increase your market share.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Sales letters are the most common marketing strategies of companies that look forward to sell their products or services. This is a very effective strategy that, however, ends up in the recycle bin. Why is it that most of these letters meet the same fate? The answer lies in their incorrect writing format. They are either too long, or full of information that the reader does not comprehend. So, what should the format be like?

An effective sales letter should contain the message that the reader is looking for. You should first understand the needs of the clients, and whether your products and services match their requirements or not. It should be addressed to the target audience. Do not write one to the company's CEO, when it is the purchase manager, who will decide upon buying your products or services.

The first few lines are very crucial, as they will provide the reader with a gist of what you intend to offer. Do not write in a general or hazy way, as the reader will lose interest, and won't read till the end. The most important message to send is mentioning the benefits the client will get after using your products or services. Many businessmen make the mistake of just stating the product features, but forget to mention end-user benefits.

The tone should not be similar to that of a business type. It should sound more personal and warm. Speak to the reader in a sincere and genuine language. You should not mix this letter with the actual sales process. It should help to open doors for queries, faxes, quotes, etc. Making the actual sales is the next step, after getting a positive response for it.

The language should be easy to understand. Do not use too difficult words and technical terms. If you need to use technical language, make sure that you explain it in a simple manner. Do not use too big paragraphs, as they turn off the reader. Explain your products and services in short and simple sentences. Never exceed more than one page. The people who are going to make a decision are very busy, and do not have the time to read two or three-page long letters.

Provide a sample, free tutorial, or a free demo of the product or service offered. Always provide a deadline for the offer. Even if you won't use the product deadline in reality, mentioning it would help the reader to make a decision in less time. Write the lines like "Call to order...", or "Call our toll-free line ______." Also, make sure that you send a business reply card. It should have a prepaid postage, as you do not want to lose a customer for the price of a stamp.

Finally, provide a guarantee for your customer service, delivery, pricing, etc. This helps in building trust and integrity of the customers with your company. You can even include testimonials from satisfied users. Make sure that you have taken a signed authorization from them, as you do not want to breach someone's right to privacy. The following template will help you to draft a proper sales letter for your company.

Your Company Logo

Name of Recipient
Recipient Designation
Recipient Company Name
Recipient Address
Dear (Name of Recipient):

There are numerous ways to _____. And... because there are so many ways to do this, many new _____ are totally overwhelmed with _____ information.

(Introduce your products in the next few paragraphs with bullets, if many)
  • (Product/benefit/feature)
  • (Product/benefit/feature)
  • (Product/benefit/feature)
This is just _____ testimonial(s) of the over ____ we have:
  • (Testimonial/endorsement/client)
  • (Testimonial/endorsement/client)
  • (Testimonial/endorsement/client)
Special _____ Days Trial Offer

Don't decide now, if _____ is right for you. Take _____ Days to put us to the test. If _____ doesn't show you exactly how to _____, we'll give your money back ... no questions asked.
You Can't Resist My 100%, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


(Insert Your Name)

P.S. Get your copy now, and I'll also give you _____. Order Now!

This is a simple sales letter template that you can use for your company. You can find many samples and formats for the same on the Internet. Ensure that you use correct language and wordings to make the prospective client choose your company.