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Authority Letter

Authority Letter

If you need to give someone else permission to act on your behalf, then you will need to give them an authority letter. This letter will act as proof that the person has been authorized by you.
Tulika Nair
With cases of conning and identity theft becoming rampant, security concerns are at an all time high. In such a situation if you need to get a job done without actually being present there or you need official documents collected or signed sending someone else without proper proof can, in some cases, land the person in trouble. This is where a letter of authority comes into play. A letter of authorization allows a person to act on your behalf. In case the letter of authority is not drafted correctly or is misleading or confusing, it can have legal ramifications. This is the reason why proper letter writing is very important while drafting a letter that gives another person authority. There are several situations in which a person may need to draft a letter of authority, like in a scenario where you need to authorize medical or legal representation, approve a seminar, a study or report work, grant permission for specific projects, or even authorize someone to work on your behalf. In this article, we take a look at what needs to be included in a letter of authorization with the help of a sample and a format for the same.

Format for a Letter of Authorization

In any form of business writing it is of utmost important to understand the proper format of the document being drafted. The same holds true for an authority letter. To draft a letter of authorization without any errors it is important that you first take a look at the format of an authorization letter.

Your Name
Your Address


Name of Addressee
Name of Organization

Reference: In brief and concise terms, mention the purpose of the letter.

Dear Ms./Mr. (addressee)

The introductory paragraph should start with the reason for writing the letter to the addressee. It is also important that you introduce the bearer of the letter and explain what relationship you share with the bearer of the letter. This piece of information is extremely important and has to be included in the letter without fail, since this is the purpose of writing the letter.

In the second paragraph, include information that will prove without doubt that the letter has been indeed written by you and is not a forged document. This evidence should be foolproof and provide proper verification so that the genuineness of the letter can be confirmed.

In the third and last paragraph of the letter you need to provide the addressee with your contact details in case he or she needs to contact you for any information verification or clarification. This is important information that definitely needs to be included in the letter.

Yours sincerely,
(Your name)

Sample for a Letter of Authorization

Now that you know the proper format of an authorization letter is, it may be a good idea for you to look at the sample of an authorization letter which will elucidate the letter to you properly.

Nathan Carter
322, Elm Street
New York - 695566

Date: 20th February 2012

GNB National Realty
321, Reagan Boulevard
New York - 695234

Reference: Letter of Authorization for Mellisa Carter

To Whomsoever It May Concern,

I, the undersigned, have in the recent past bought a property under an agreement with your company. The property is situated at 1212, Rustic View, Graytown, New Jersey. Due to professional reasons, I am now shifting base to Hong Kong. Due to this change in my residence, I need you to make a change to my billing address. Any correspondence to me will now need to be sent out to Hong Kong. Due to the suddenness of the move, it was impossible for me to come and change the billing address personally and therefore in my absence, I authorize my mother, Mellisa Carter, the person bearing this letter, to act in all matters regarding the change in my billing address for the property, the address of which is given in the documents attached.

Enclosed with the letter are duplicates of my property agreement and proof of identity proving my relationship with the bearer of the letter.

In case you need to clarify any doubts regarding this matter or need any kind of verification, you can contact me at I do not have a telephone number as of now but will inform you of the same as soon as possible.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely
(N. Carter)
Nathan Carter

Writing this letter is extremely simple and easy as long as you are aware of the correct template. With the sample and format of authorization letter given in this article, you will hopefully have no problem drafting a letter of authority.
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