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Bank Account Closing Letter

Bank Account Closing Letter

Closing a bank account is an easy task, provided you follow the norms of the bank in the correct manner, one of which is writing a bank account closing letter requesting to close your account and transferring the remaining funds. Read this article to know how to do the same.
Shalu Bhatti
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
Whenever it comes to dealing with government institutions or banks, you need to follow certain legal formalities, truly abiding by the rules and regulations of the body you are dealing with...which in this case, is a bank! Usually the bank customers are the most longest and loyal customers among all the service giving organizations. But due to certain situations like moving out to a different location where the branch isn't near, or due to lack of customer satisfaction, customers tend to close their bank account. It is advisable to call your bank in order to know their specific requirements. For example, some banks charge a fee for closing your bank account. Some banks require a government issued photo identification also. So checking on all these requirements would be a good idea. After checking with the bank as to what all information and documents they need, the next step would be to write a bank account closing letter to the bank manager. Mentioned below is a sample for the same along with the necessary information that you should include in the letter.

Bank Account Closing Letter Sample

It is better to note down in a piece of paper as to what all things you need to do before you submit the letter to the bank in reference to close the account. This is because missing out on even a single information would lead to unnecessary delays. If you have more than one type of bank accounts, then you need to make sure to provide all the required details. This is how you would need to write a letter to the bank requesting to close your bank account.

The Bank Manager
State Bank
92nd Street West
New York, New York

RE: Application to close my bank account

This is to inform you that I would like to close my bank account in your bank. The details of my bank account are listed as under along with the unused check numbers.

Savings Account Number: 01234
Checking Account Number: 56789

There are no due checks to be cleared under these accounts. I request you to give the remaining balance of my account in check and send it to my postal address. If that would take time, then I request you to transfer the balance amount to my new bank account at Cityville Bank, whose account number is 45678.

In case of any further information or queries, kindly contact me at my email address which is You can also call me at 0123456789.

Thanking you for your assistance for the same.

John Smith


Once you have written the bank account closing letter and sent it to the bank, it is most likely that you will also have to go to the bank physically with some form of identification, preferably photo identification. Also, you need to make sure that you open a new bank account before you close your existing (old) bank account, or soon after closing your existing bank account. This is because you are required to update your employers and vendors about the same. If you visit the bank on a weekday before 3 pm, it is likely that your request will be processed as soon as possible. So make sure that you do all that is required so that your work is done in one go.