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How to Write a Sponsorship Letter for a Visa

How to Write a Sponsorship Letter for a Visa

The sponsorship letter to get a visa can be an extremely important document and it is essential that you learn to write a sponsorship letter for a visa
Tulika Nair
A sponsorship letter for a visa or a visa invitation letter as it is popularly known is a document that a citizen or a permanent resident can provide a foreign citizen with to enable them to get a tourist visa to the country that they are citizens of. Normally a visa invitation letter can be sent only by someone who is either a relative or a very close friend. Such a letter is an official document and it needs to be signed in front of a notary public. The letter needs to comprise a lot of important information that is detailed out in the next section of this article. While not compulsory for a visa application, it can cause the decision to be in your favor and can therefore, be an important document. The letter serves to show that as a tourist you have reason for visiting the country and will not pose the danger of staying back in the country.

Writing a Visa Invitation Letter

If you have to write a visa invitation letter, then there are some details that definitely needs to be included in it. You need to include in the letter the name of the person you are inviting, their date of birth, their address and telephone number, your relationship with them, the reason why they are visiting the country, the duration for which they would be in the country, details about where they would stay and their financial status, and the date on which they would be leaving the country. You will also be expected to supply information about yourself which would include your full name, your date or birth, address, telephone number, job details, your status in the country (citizen or permanent resident), document validating this status, and also a copy of your account statement showing your financial status. The letter given below that follows the format as specified by a template for a sponsorship letter should help you understand how to draft such a letter.

Marcia Greene
22, Madison Avenue
New Jersey - 345425
Phone Number: 352-645-5455

2nd June 2011

To Whomsoever It May Concern

Subject: Application for tourist visa for Jeffrey Morgan; Passport No: AO542524

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

This letter is to certify that Jeffrey Morgan has been invited by me to visit the US for a period of two months to see the country and to spend some time with my family. Jeffrey is a very close friend of mine and I have known him for almost ten years now. His contact details are listed out later in this letter.

I have already supplied you with my contact details. I would also like to tell you that I am employed as a journalist with the New York Chronicler and have been working with them for almost four years now. On his visit here, Jeffrey would be residing with me. Along with this letter, I have enclosed a copy of my tenancy agreement and also a copy of my passport. Jeffrey's contact details have been given below.

Guest's Name: Mr Jeffrey Morgan
Address:. 23, Rue de Aron, Marseilles, France
Date of Birth: 25th May, 1982
Telephone: +231-423-434-3441
Relationship: Friend

If you need any further clarification and need to contact me regarding anything, then please feel free to do so.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely
Marcia Greene

The visa invitation letter needs to be sent at least six months before the person actually visits the place. Writing this letter can go a long way in improving your chances of getting your visa application approved. In some countries, you may have to show your return ticket or require a specific amount of money in your bank to enter the country. If you falsify your relationship with the person entering the country, then you would have broken the law and could be liable for legal action. The sample letter in this article should help you draft a proper letter.