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Best Way to Learn Spanish

Best Ways to Learn and Master the Spanish Language Independently

In order to be proficient and communicate in Spanish with confidence, you need patience and dedication. Read the Penlighten article to find different ways to learn Spanish, and master the language.
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
Learning a new language can be tough, if you're not sure where to begin. But if you wish to learn to speak and communicate with others in Spanish, there are a few ways you can tackle this situation. Go through the various methods that are mentioned below, and pick one that you feel comfortable with.
Take a Trip
The fastest way is by burying yourself entirely into the language. So pack up your bags and travel to any Spanish-speaking country you want. You can spend one week or a month there, while compensating an entire year's classroom studies. Grab a friend along with you, pack English-Spanish dictionaries and books, and talk to as many locals as possible.
Become a Volunteer ESL Teacher
There are many community centers and colleges where immigrants enroll to learn English. If you qualify, sign up as a volunteer ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher. This way you will get the opportunity to hear and ask questions regarding the language. As you teach them English, you too can learn a lot about the language, and can understand the grammar firsthand.
CDs to the Rescue
Purchase the tutorial CDs that have lessons on verbs, nouns, and sentence formations. Along with these tutorials, buy music CDs as well. While listening to the mesmerizing music and lyrics of the song, you can easily learn Spanish at home.
Television and Radio
While you are at home, tune in to a Spanish radio station or channel on television. Even though you can't understand the words at first, continuous or repetition of words and sentences might help. Your brain will remember them in time, and help you speak correctly when needed. Add the practice of listening to the radio or watching television shows or news in Spanish with any of the above mentioned methods, and see yourself progress quickly.
The more practice you do, the better you will get each day. Make index card notes of the words that are difficult for you and keep going over them again and again. Always speak the new vocabulary out loud, as it will only help you gain confidence in talking to people. Visit a local Hispanic market or your neighbor who can speak Spanish, and start a conversation. Don't get embarrassed if you make any mistakes; it is very natural and no one will sue you for it. Remember, the more you speak in Spanish, the better you'll get and feel at ease. Try these methods to learn Spanish. Learn something new and interesting today. Who knows, maybe one day you'll be teaching someone speak Spanish. AdiĆ³s.
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