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Sample Prospecting Letter

A Sample That Shows How to Write a Perfect Prospecting Letter

Need any help in writing a perfect prospecting letter? This article consists of a sample of a prospecting letter, so that you make no mistakes while writing your own. Have a look.
Chandni Dwivedi
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
Prospecting letters are written to market one's candidature to potential employers for a particular job, or making a business proposal to potential clients. It is a way of introducing oneself to a company before directly meeting anyone for an interview. Some examples include letters written by candidates to companies to apply for an internship or job, letters by insurance agents or financial planners to prospective clients, or sales letters written to propose a business service. Prospecting letters are a type of cover letter. The sample given below will give you a good idea about how to write it in the right way.

Letter Format

Here are the main points that need to be covered.
  • At the beginning of the letter, mention your name, address, contact number, and e-mail id. This can even be written in the header.
  • Next, write the date.
  • Then address the letter to the concerned person. Write the addressee's name, designation, company name, along-with a brief mention of the company's address. Do not write 'To whomsoever it may concern'.
  • Next is the salutation, which can be 'Dear Mr./Ms.' It is always better to address the person by name.
  • The first paragraph should include a reference as to how you were brought to notice about any openings in the company, why the particular company interests you, and what research you have done on the company.
  • The second and third paragraphs should give a brief introduction of your own self. Don't make it too long, because detailed information about you will be there in your enclosed resume. Make sure to highlight some of your significant achievements, qualifications, skills, or qualities which make you outstanding and the best choice for the job. You can also provide additional information here that cannot be explained in your resume, such as reasons for year gaps.
  • In the fourth paragraph, tell them about when you plan to call them to obtain an appointment. Also give a note of thanks for their time and consideration, and express your keenness for a face-to-face meeting with them. End on a positive, enthusiastic note.
  • Close the letter with phrases like 'Thanks and regards' or 'Yours Sincerely'.

Sample of a Prospecting Letter

James Wilson
1322 River View Apartments
Blacksburg, VA 24060
(540) 555-0101

June 24, 2010

Adam Cantor
Director of Personnel
Goodwin Marketing Corporation
432 Echcomb Parkway
Arlington, VA 22207

Dear Mr. Cantor:
Through extensive research on the web, I have come to know about Goodwin Marketing Corporation, its credentials, financial performance, and future growth prospects. I wish to express my interest in working with Goodwin Marketing as a Management Trainee and make a contribution to its growth trajectory.

I have completed my Bachelor's degree in business administration, with a major in marketing, from University of Maryland (UMD). My most significant achievement is that I won the Best Speaker Award, 3 years in a row, in the annual Inter-University Debate event at UMD. I have also successfully completed a 6-month internship program with Rockwell Market Research, Inc., wherein I got exposure to market research as well as advertising and brand management for existing and new product portfolios.

I believe my knowledge and understanding of advertising and brand management, along with my inherent creativity and excellent communication skills, will hold me in good stead if I get to play a strategic role in marketing management in your esteemed organization.

Enclosed is my detailed resume. I will greatly appreciate an opportunity to attend an interview through which my candidature can be better assessed. I will give you a call next week to confirm the same. Thanks for your time and consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

James Wilson

Encl: Resume

This is just one sample to give you a basic idea about the format. What ultimately matters is the substance of your letter. While writing prospecting letters, remember to be brief and succinct, because no one would have time to read a very long, verbose letter. This is the fundamental rule for letter writing. Also, use your words carefully, don't sound desperate for the job, be original, and make sure you highlight your strengths. A well-written prospecting letter might just make that one small difference that will set you apart from the rest.