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An Attractive Set of Collective Nouns Explained With Examples

Collective Nouns Explained with Examples
A collective noun is used to name a group of persons, animals, or things. Penlighten provides a few examples of collective nouns along with a list of the most commonly used ones.
Prajakta Patil
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
Did You Know?
While a group of girls is called a giggle, that of boys is called a blush.
A noun is a part of speech, which is used to name a person, place, or a thing. Nouns are mainly divided into proper nouns and common nouns. A proper noun is used for a particular person, place, or a thing (e.g. John), whereas a common noun is a common name given to every person or thing of the same class (e.g. boy).

A collective noun is a type of common noun which is used to name a group of persons or things. Since they refer to a group of nouns as a unit, they are considered to be a subset of countable nouns.

A few collective nouns, for example: group or bunch, are very commonly used in everyday speech. Say, bunch can be used for keys, flowers, and bananas. Given below is a list of subjects along with their most commonly used collective nouns.
Examples of Collective Nouns in Sentences
» The audience loved his performance.
» The army is ready to attack.
» She gave him a bunch of bananas.
» The winning team was celebrating.
» The gang was planning to rob the bank.
» We were going through my childhood album.
» The herd is grazing.
» Anne went to the nearest library.
» John was the only boy in the class.
» The forest was very dense.
Collective noun examples for people
Subject Collective Noun
1. Artists Troupe
2. Athletes Team
3. Bishops Bench
4. Boys Blush
5. Clerks School
6. Clowns Alley
7. Comedians Riot
8. Crooks Bunch
9. Dancers Group
10. Directors Board
11. Employees Staff
12. Experts Panel
13. Gamblers Talent
14. Girls Giggle
15. Hunters Blast
16. Knights Banner
17. Laborers Gang
18. Ladies Bevy
19. Lawyers Eloquence
20. Listeners Audience
21. Magicians Illusion
22. Men Band
23. Merchants Faith
24. Musicians Band
25. Natives Tribe
26. People Group
27. Pilots Crew
28. Players Team
29. Poets Rhyme
30. Professors Pomposity
31. Refugees Flight
32. Robbers Band
33. Sailors Crew
34. Schoolboys Rout
35. Senators House
36. Servants Obeisance
37. Singers Choir
38. Shoemakers Blackening
39. Shoppers Crush
40. Soldiers Army
41. Students Class
42. Teachers Quiz
43. Thieves Gang
44. Tourists Flock
45. Walkers Amble
46. Web-masters Net
47. Wives Impatience
48. Women Gaggle
49. Worshipers Congregation
50. Writers Bevy
collective noun examples for animals
Subject Collective Noun
1. Ants Army
2. Apes Troop
3. Bees Hive
4. Buffaloes Herd
5. Camels Herd
6. Cats Clowder
7. Chickens Brood
8. Cows Dairy
9. Crows Murder
10. Cubs Litter
11. Deer Herd
12. Dogs Kennel
13. Dolphins School
14. Doves Flight
15. Ducks Team
16. Eagles Convocation
17. Fish School
18. Elephants Herd
19. Flamingos Stand
20. Frogs Army
21. Geese Flock
22. Hawks Cast
23. Horses Team
24. Hummingbirds Charm
25. Jays Party
26. Leopards Leap
27. Lions Pride
28. Nightingales Watch
29. Owls Parliament
30. Parrots Company
31. Peacocks Muster
32. Penguins Parcel
33. Pigeons Flight
34. Puppies Litter
35. Rabbits Bevy
36. Ravens Unkindness
37. Scorpions Bed
38. Sheep Flock
39. Squirrels Dray
40. Sparrows Host
41. Storks Muster
42. Swans Herd
43. Tigers Ambush
44. Turtles Bale
45. Vultures Colony
46. Whales School
47. Wolves Pack
48. Woodpeckers Descent
49. Worms Bed
50. Zebras Herd
collective noun examples for things
Subject Collective Noun
1. Arrows Quiver
2. Autographs Album
3. Bananas Bunch
4. Blushes Hedge
5. Books Library
6. Cards Pack/deck
7. Chairs Fold
8. Cigarettes Packet
9. Coins Rouleau
10. Diamonds Cluster
11. Documents Wealth
12. Drawers Chest
13. Drinks Round
14. Dust Cloud
15. Eggs Clutch
16. Firewood Bundle
17. Flowers Bouquet
18. Fruit Basket
19. Furniture Suite
20. Hair Lock
21. Helicopters Hover
22. Grapes Bunch
23. Islands Group
24. Jewels Cache
25. Keys Ring
26. Lies Pack
27. Machine guns Nest
28. Maps Atlas
29. Mountains Range
30. Notes Wad
31. Onions Rope
32. Papers Budget
33. Pearls String
34. Peas Pod
35. Photographs Album
36. Pistols Brace
37. Poems Anthology
38. Rubbish Heap
39. Ships Fleet
40. Shrubs Shrubbery
41. Stamps Album
42. Stars Galaxy
43. Tanks Clank
44. Tarot cards Arcana
45. Teddy bears Hug
46. Tools Set
47. Trees Forest
48. Umbrellas Phalanx
49. Willows Bed
50. Wood Stack
The list of collective nouns is endless, and the above article lists just a few of them. Make sure to add new ones to your list as you come across them.
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