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Complaint Letter Template

Complaint Letter Template

These letters are written to express grievances regarding problems faced by you while using or purchasing a particular product or service. Here is a letter template to help you in writing such a letter all by yourself.
Kundan Pandey
Sometimes, we end up paying for products that are damaged or totally different from what we wished to buy. Similarly, we might pay for services that are way below our expected standards. Writing a complaint letter comes to rescue in such cases. It acts as a professional warning and request to the dealer or manufacturer, to get a suitable reimbursement or replacement. Here is a letter template and sample to help you get an understanding of complaint letters.

List of Key Inputs
  • Address the letter to the person who is capable of helping you with regards to your problem. If the person you are writing the letter to has no ability to sort out your problem, it's not going to be worth the effort.
  • Put forward your complaint in simple words. Don't get emotional or hyperactive. State your problem in simple and straightforward manner.
  • State very clearly about the remedial measures you wish that must be taken to solve your problem. Ensure that the remedial measures you are suggesting are in the power of the concerned authority.
  • Give a deadline to solve your problem. e.g. a specific date by which you expect a compensation for your loss.
  • Be firm, but ensure there is professionalism in your letter.

Letter Template
Writer's name
Complete address
Contact number
Email id


Name of Addressee
Name of Company

Subject: Complaint Letter about (name of product/service)

Dear Sir/Madam,
(Opening Paragraph)
This paragraph should give a reference about the product by mentioning its name, manufacturing date, date of purchase, and location of purchase. In case of a service, mention the nature of service, name of service provider, and the location of service provider. Specifying the invoice number of your purchase is highly essential.

(Second Paragraph)
This paragraph should specify in detail the nature of problem faced by you, or the grievances you wish to express with regards to the product or the service.

(Closing Paragraph)
This paragraph should express the nature of compensation you expect regarding the defective product or service. Most of the time, writers ask for a product replacement, product repair, refund of the product price or refund of full/partial fees paid to avail of a particular service. It should also mention the date by which you expect a response about the complaint from the addressee.

Hoping for an immediate action in this matter from your side.

Writer's name

Enclosures: Copy of purchase receipt/ Guarantee card/ Warranty card

Letter Sample
23, Park Avenue Street
345 - Blue Berry Road,
4646 - 5657 - 686

Date: May 12, 2012

Mr. Robert D'costa
Customer Services Manager
ABC Retails Company
565, East Street
Santa Claus Road

Subject: Inappropriate items delivered

Dear Sir,
This is with reference to our purchase dated May 11, 2012 from home appliances and kitchenware sections of your retail store. For your reference, our purchase invoice number is IV0089 and the invoice amount is $550.

Unfortunately, the food processor we purchased looks totally different from the displayed appliance and the picture showing on its packaging. Similarly, the dinner set delivered to us is bearing a different color than what we selected in your store. As per our conclusion, there has been some sort of mismanagement in packing of our purchases at your store.

I request you to send one of your staff and take these sets back. We will produce the original purchase slip at the time of the pickup. We wish to get a complete refund for the items being returned by us.

We hope to receive a positive response from you regarding our complaint by this weekend.

Sam Francis

Enclosures: Photocopy of purchase slip

Complaint letters definitely make an impression on the party you have sent them to. Letters that bear all the necessary details and a 'no-nonsense' tone, help to solve your problem faster.