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Congratulations Letter Example

Congratulations Letter Example

Need to write a letter of congratulations for your friend, colleague, boss etc.? This article will give you an example that you can refer to before writing one.
Sujata Iyer
Your colleague excelled in a presentation and won your company a huge account. Your best friend just got engaged. Your parents are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. You know that congratulations letters are in order, but you have no idea how to go about writing one. No big deal! This article will help you draft some good ones. In addition, it will give you an example for a personal occasion and also a professional one.

Writing Tips
  • Write and send the letter immediately after the occasion/event has taken place.
  • If you send it later, it might not seem genuine, or worse, as an afterthought.
  • Be sincere while writing the letter. You must genuinely be happy for the person. Because if you're not, then it will be definitely show in the letter.
  • So, now that you're genuinely happy for the person, begin writing your congratulatory letter with the reason for congratulations directly. No use beating around the bush while writing this letter.
  • Use words of praise and joy, but don't overdo it, unless it's a personal letter, because the reader might misjudge your intentions.
  • Showering excess praise in a professional letter may come across as fake and as if you have an ulterior motive.
  • Keep it short, sweet and simple.
  • Use the appropriate greetings and salutations while writing a professional letter. After all, it is a form of business communication.
  • Last, but definitely not the least, use good stationery! Right from the choice of paper to the ink, everything will show whether you really mean the congratulations or not.


Given below are some sample letters of congratulations, both personal and professional. Refer to them while writing your own. First, let us see a personal example for an engagement announcement.

Dear Martha,

I was so happy to hear about your engagement to Rod! Congratulations from Mike and me.

Honestly, from the first time I met you both together, I knew you'll would end up getting married. Wherever you'll go, you'll fill the place with love. And that love has a magnetic effect on everyone around. Have you guys decided on a wedding date yet? Oh! It will be so lovely to watch you walking down the aisle in your white dress! I have the perfect wedding gift for you too!! You remember what we decided on, right?!?? *wink* *wink*

Anyway, I better dash before Mike begins asking me about the gift. Don't worry, I won't tell him. Our little secret! We wish you the very best for your life together. God bless you lovely people!

Lots and lots of love,
Mike and Janine.

Now, for a professional letter.

Name of addressee
Address of addressee

Dear Roy,
I heard about your mind-blowing presentation on the (topic/company account) last evening from Fred. Hearty congratulations!

I could not make it to the conference as I was out of town. But Fred told me what a great job you did. He said (client's name) was extremely impressed and that they were ready to close the deal there and then. That's brilliant, I must say. I'm proud of you, but I'm not rather surprised, because you have always been at your best when it comes to pitching to clients. But this time, you really outdid yourself. (Client's name) personally called and told me about your wonderful performance. I assure you, it has not gone unnoticed.

Once again, congratulations and keep up the good work!


Now, let us see an example for an award won by a staff member.

Dear Alex,

The news of you winning the (name of award) has spread like wildfire, not only through the office, but through the entire industry. Give that you were up against some big guns who have won the award in the past, this was a stupendous achievement on your part.

The company is extremely privileged to acknowledge that you are a part of the organization and has decided to throw a party in your honor. Details will be furnished to you as and when compiled. Until then, accept these hearty congratulations from the entire board of directors and staff at (name of company).

Continue to do well and shine like a beacon in the night sky!

Name of Company
Seal of Company

The most important thing to remember about a congratulations letter is that you should write one only if you genuinely want to write it. False praise is a complete no-no. So, feel it, frame it and write it!