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Editorial Ideas

Brilliantly Innovative Editorial Ideas That'll Inspire You to Write

Coming up with editorial ideas for various publications requires a great deal of intelligence and creativity. While I am sure that most of my readers are smart enough to come up with ideas, here is a catalyst to jump-start your wheels of thought!
Rashida Khilawala
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
Newspapers are a lot of fun to read. They give us information, news, and gossip. But, did you think that coming up with opinions for newspaper articles was a piece of cake? Well, I have news for you. It is not that easy. To have the right feel and to appease the curiosity of the readers is a tricky deal. So, being experienced in the field, I decided to help out the newbies. Here are a list of kick-ass ideas that you can use. I am sure that going through this list will encourage your creativity, and egg you on to be more inventive with such ideas.
Editorial Ideas for Newspapers
At different age levels, readers look for a different feel in the editorials. Like, while global affairs could cause a rave in a college newspaper, it might go unnoticed in a high school newspaper. Similarly, celebrity gossip may not be as exciting to a middle school readership, as it would be to a high school readership. You get my drift? So, let's start off with particular ideas for different newspapers.
Editorial Ideas for High School Newspaper
High school students need to start getting the feel of a balanced knowledge base. Keeping them informed in a subtle yet interesting way with the help of some opinions or perspectives for a school newspaper is the very duty of a newspaper editor.
  • Political Promotion Campaigns: Is it as ethical as it may seem?
  • Is the media a responsible entity?
  • Size Zero: Fad or obsession?
  • Practicalities in education
  • Global climate change and global warming
  • School uniforms: pros and cons
  • What changes does the education system need: Student's perspective
  • Does the age limit for alcoholism and sex matter?
  • Teenage pregnancy: Is "Juno" responsible?
  • Brains vs. brawn: Which do the sexes prefer?
  • Should capital punishment be allowed?
  • Is mercy killing correct? Is it needed?
  • Can we really "heal the world" by not caring about "black or white"?
  • Celebrities: Good influence on teenagers, or bad?
  • Home schooling vs. Public schools
  • Citizen responsibility explained
  • A review on the wars of the world
  • Are homosexuals different from heterosexuals in a non-sexual manner?
  • The perfect body: Fact or fiction?
  • Why we need to stop smoking immediately?
  • The forbidden allure of drugs: Is it worth it?
  • Best career paths to pursue
  • Evolution vs. Creationism
  • Why is race so important to people?
  • Can we ever get over our myriad prejudices and misconceptions regarding other people?
  • Is a unified world possible?
  • The need for accurate sex education in schools
Some of these topics are quite bold. As such, they need a mature perspective. Nonetheless, all these ideas for kids or teens are completely relevant, and will be popular among the readership.
Editorial Ideas for College Newspaper
Aah college! It is the time when being an adult is mandatory, and being a kid is inevitable. For this very purpose, the opinions given out in newspapers must have a balance of perspective, maturity, gossip, and information. It is a tough balance to achieve. But the right editor will achieve it nonetheless.
  • Binge drinking in youth: Fact or fiction
  • Are college fees overrated?
  • Is the economic structure and system fair to the tax payers?
  • Is further education worth the burden of student loans?
  • Metrosexuality explained
  • News around campus: Get the gossip girl talking
  • Do we learn from history, or repeat the same mistakes?
  • Does college education stand for intelligence, or financial stability?
  • The great depression: Are we any better now?
  • Relationships: Then and now
  • The reason for growing emotional affairs: Lack of attention?
  • Social networking sites: Is there more than meets the eye?
  • Is maturity and seriousness in life synonymous to being boring and dull?
  • Effects of TV sitcoms on lifestyle
  • Is honesty the best policy?
  • Important values in society
  • Social Darwinism vs. welfare state
  • Is catfishing acceptable under any circumstances?
  • The lack of personal contact in modern society
  • Anti-vaccinators: Stupid or just plain crazy?
  • The rampant objectification of women
  • Do women objectify men?
  • Is the world going to end in 2012?
  • When will the world end?
  • Professionalism in the workplace explained
  • Virginity: Chastity or lack of opportunity?
These can be written in more ways than one. The editor will have to keep the general tone of the readership in mind before coming to a conclusion about the mood of the editorial.
Hope these ideas have not only helped you by giving you topics to choose from, but also ignited the engine of creativity in your mind. This is where I sign off! All the best!