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Sponsorship Letter Template

Sponsorship Letter Template

A well-written sponsorship letter is important in order to create a good impression on the organization you are approaching for sponsorship. We tell you how such a letter should be drafted.
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: May 30, 2018
Most events cannot be organized without proper sponsorship. It is very rare that an organization can generate the money required for an event on its own. In such a scenario, the organization will contact bigger companies for sponsorship. The initial contact is generally made by sending out a letter detailing the event, the sponsorship options and the sponsorship amount. The letter should be written in clear and concise manner. Ensure that while you sound grateful for the time that is being given to your proposal, you do not overdo it.

Things to Remember
  • Introduce your organization and the event properly. Do not cause any confusion.
  • The benefits that the addressee will receive from the event is important and should be highlighted well.
  • Always give an estimate of the number of guests expected to attend the event. The more the exposure a sponsor is expected to get, the higher the chances of them sponsoring the event.
  • Always print the letter on the official letterhead of your organization and ensure that the seal of the organization is on the same.
  • Check the letter for any grammatical, factual or spelling errors.

Template for Sponsorship Letter

The format given here will help you understand how a sponsor letter should be drafted. If you want you could download a copy of the same by clicking on the link given below.

Your Name
Your Address


Name of Addressee

Sub: Request for sponsorship

Dear Mr/Ms. [name of person]

I, the undersigned, am the [your designation] of [your company's name] and am writing this letter to ask if you would be interested in sponsoring [the event]. We would like to hold this event for [reason why you are holding the event].

The event will be held on [date] at [location], from [time] onwards. Your generous contribution to the event can be highlighted in a number of ways. You can select the same from the following list.
  • Name of your company in all promotional material and meetings.
  • Opportunity to host the event.
  • Booth to showcase products/services
We would be glad if representatives from your organization would join us for the event so we could thank them in person.

We expect an estimated audience of [number of people expected] and we are sure that all of them would benefit greatly from your support to the event. The sponsorship for the event is $ [amount expected].

If you are interested in being a part of this event, then you can contact us at [telephone number] or [e-mail id].

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thanking you.


If you would like an editable version of the same, here is a downloadable copy of a sponsorship letter template.

Sending out a sponsorship request letter will only be the first step in actually getting a sponsor for your event. But it is one of the most important steps as it creates an impression on the person receiving the letter. Once you have sent out the letter, you can call the organization after a week or so to know what their decision is, if they haven't responded yet.