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Editorial Topics for Middle School

Editorial Topics for Middle School

Magazines and small journals are a great way for students to express themselves. Some editorial topics for middle school are given in this article, as they provide a free rostrum for the students to speak their minds.
Medha Godbole
The transitional phase from adolescence or pre-teens to adulthood is amazing, although it is not without a lot of mental, physical, and emotional upheaval. But that is what that age is all about. They are progressing towards adulthood, developing a mind of their own, and opinions about each and everything on this earth. In that situation, if they do not vent their feelings and expressions, it would lead to a mental block. That is where the magazines come into picture. These are a fantastic platform for children to shed their inhibitions and freely portray what they want to. Within that, the editorial is what is the core of the magazine, journal, or the school paper. What that says, reflects the general mentality of the youngsters and what they feel strongly about. With this regard in mind, some editorial topics for middle school are given below.

Themes for Editorials

Across the Globe/ Current Affairs

This category refers to the ongoing world affairs, be it political controversies or some strategies by specific terrorist groups or perhaps what the Pope said about a particular movie! Remember, that these subjects require a bit of insight, and you should have some concrete views. Only then can the article get the point across properly. Such subjects could include
  • Climatic Change and Us
  • Obama as The President
  • A World sans Nuclear Weapons
  • Global Terrorism
  • The Occident versus the Orient - The Clash of Civilizations
  • Are We Having a Communications Technology Overkill?
  • Is Texting Taking its Toll on the Correct Usage of Language?
Family and Relationships

Well, it is all about your family and how much students value their parents and people around them. Believe me, it is a very crucial and sensitive issue for children at this age. Sometimes, a lot of adolescents want to say about what they feel for their parents, and how they look up to their friends or the opposite sex. In this category, the titles could be
  • 'Oh Mom You Would Not Understand'- The Big Fat Generation Gap
  • How Much is Too Much - Parental Restrictions on Children
  • Children's Privacy - The Private Affair
  • Value of Friendship
  • Do We Need Sex Education
  • Everyday Should Be Parents Day
  • Your Role Model in the Family
Stay Fit Stay Healthy

Well, believe it or not, health is a burning issue for adolescents and teenagers. Junk food, the idiot box, and video games have taken a toll on the health of students . Consequently, obesity, heart problems, and an overall dip in the fitness levels are matters of concern. On these lines, the subjects can include
  • The Leviathan of Obesity
  • The Obsession With Weight Loss
  • Say No to Junk Food
  • Being Vegetarian - Key To Healthy Life
  • Blast from the Past - Reviving Old Methods of Recreation to Stay Fit
  • The Dreadful Drugs
  • No Smoking Please
Others Interesting Themes

These are random articles, which can be written impromptu, without a lot of research and racking your brains. These could be anything from love to communication to sports to who is your favorite sports personality and why and so on. Following is the list of such subjects.
  • Teenage Love
  • Christiano Ronaldo or Diego Maradona? Who is Your Chosen One and Why?
  • Cultivating the Habit of Reading
  • Are Abuses Dominating Your Speech
  • Hobbies That Make Money
  • Your Recipe for Success in Life
  • Celebrity Worship
  • Fashion for Youngsters
  • The Tinseltown Effects
  • Your Perception of a Teacher
  • Awareness of Social Responsibility
  • Effects and Causes of Ozone Depletion
This was just the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of such titles. The trick is to write about what the youngsters feel strongly about. It need not be a major global issue having serious political repercussions. It could be something youngsters hold dear to their heart, and the mention of which brings out the innermost feelings in a creative way. In other words, it is all about putting across a valid point, in a positive and effective manner. Go ahead and prove that the pen is mightier than a sword!