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Fun Topics to Write About

Make Your Readers Laugh Out Loud With These Fun Topics to Write About

If you enjoy writing as the most beautiful creative experience, the fun topics suggested in this article will definitely help you unlock your creative potential.
Omkar Phatak
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
Beautiful young woman writing ideas in book
Having 'fun' is the most important thing in any creative process. Be it writing, singing, dancing, or any form of expression, the substance of creative thought flows out best, when you enjoy the process. Indulging in creative writing is one of the best ways of testing it and unleashing your imaginative powers. Here, I provide you with some humorous topics to write about, which will compel your imagination to soar in the realm of possibilities and come up with an original piece of creative writing.
How to Write and Have Fun?
Writing to have fun is just letting go of yourself and soaring into imaginative space to piece together a quirky world of your own, through words. The fun lies in the spontaneity of it. Just take up any topic and write as though you are thinking aloud about it. No subject or topic to write about is boring. What's boring is probably your perspective of looking at it. A sense of humor is a lifesaver. Let it guide you in your writing.
Rather than trying to be analytical, writing to have fun is all about exploring the quirky side of you. Let no rules of writing bind or any convention pin you down. Write without inhibitions and put your opinion about things unabashedly. It is about letting go of cold, logical, and mechanical thought that we get bogged down with, at times.
It is soaring high and looking at this world, with a third person's point of view. So, to conclude, if you want to write and have fun, think out of the box and give full rein to your imaginative powers. Most importantly, be yourself and let your writing reflect who you are.
Some Fun Topics to Pen Down
There are as many interesting topics to write about, as many as you can think of. The real world is constrained by laws, but in the world of writing, anything's possible. Here are some fun ideas to write about, classified by different genres of unconventional thinking. There is one phrase that opens up a lot of topics to write about and that is - 'What if. .' You can add just about any possibility after this phrase to explore alternative realities of all kinds.
  • What if there was no gravity?
  • What if we could travel in time?
  • What if I were a bird?
  • What if life was fair? Wouldn't that be boring?
  • How to make a mess of anything
  • How to be a loser
  • Why everybody must lie
  • How to run away from reality
  • What if I become invisible?
  • If dogs could talk. .
  • If I were God for a day. .
  • If telepathy worked. .
  • What if I could read minds?
  • What if there were no women?
  • Are there aliens?
  • What if you were immortal?
  • What if coffee was never discovered?
  • What if you woke up as Paris Hilton?
  • If I were a billionaire. .
  • If I were the president of USA for a day. .
  • Why are all the good ones always taken?
  • Are vampires real?
  • Ten ways to irritate people
  • The odds of a nerd landing up with a girlfriend
  • Ten most craziest things I have ever done
  • How not to live your life
  • How to distance friends and alienate people
  • The most absurd decisions of my life
  • Ten things girls wish guys knew
  • Why your wife is always right
  • What you should never say to your wife
  • Why the boss is always right
  • The perils of taking life too seriously
  • How to become famous overnight
  • Ten things guys wish girls knew
  • How to be politically incorrect
  • The craziest people I have ever met
To err is to be human, and looking at the comedy of errors that our life tends to be, is the key to having fun in writing. Put on the wings of imagination and soar high into your own creative world. Adios Amigo.