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How to Make an Authorization Letter

How to Make an Authorization Letter

In a world where security concerns are increasing by the minute, if you need to get a job done without your actual presence, you will need to learn how to make an authorization letter. You will find here all the information you need to write an authority letter.
Tulika Nair
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
You have to leave town urgently, but at the same time, there are some documents that you need to pick up from the bank. You send a person who can do this for you, but he comes back empty handed, as he has no proof of authority that can verify that he was indeed acting on your behalf. In such a scenario, you will need to draft an authority letter that will ensure that any sensitive documents that you need will be in safe hands. For allowing a person to act on your behalf, it is important that you learn how to make an authorization letter to prevent any sort of conning. Given in this article are the tips that you need to follow while writing an authority letter, and the correct format of such a letter.

How to Write an Authority Letter

Before writing an authority letter, the first thing that you need to confirm is what type of authorization you require for the situation in question. Do you need the person to collect some documents for you or do you need them to sign on your behalf, or are you giving them some degree of control in your business dealings. Defining what authority they have will ensure that there is no chance of malpractice.

It is important to specify not only the name of the person you are providing the authority to, but also the name of the person who is going to receive the letter of authorization. This is a feature of the letter that is often overlooked. It is important to specify the name of the individual to whom the letter is written, to ensure that he or she can implement the provision without any problem. Another important thing is to include the details about the identification proof of the person who is being granted the authorization. You will also need to include, in some cases, details about your relationship with the person in question and provide proof for the same.

Include details about the range of the authorization being granted, or the specific circumstances in which the authority letter will continue to be valid. Also, specify the period for which the letter will be valid, which translates into giving the exact dates. If you do not have specific dates, then mention that the letter will be valid till further notice. Always end the letter with proper valediction.

Authorization Letter Sample

Now that you know what are things to keep in mind while writing an authority letter, you should have no problem doing the same. In this section we give you the correct format for an authority letter.

Your Name
Your Address


Name of Addressee
Name of Organization

Reference: In brief and concise terms, mention the purpose of writing the letter.

Dear Ms./Mr. (addressee)

In the introductory paragraph, it is important to start with the main reason for writing the letter. It is also important that you introduce the person bearing the letter in this paragraph, to whom you are giving the authority. You will also give an explanation regarding your relation with the bearer of the letter.

In the next paragraph, include details and information that will ensure that the letter being present is not a forged letter and is written by you. You will also need to provide documents that prove the identity of the bearer. Also include information about the validity of the authorization.

In the last paragraph, include your contact details in case you need to be contacted for any reason, or if there is a requirement of any form of clarification.

Yours sincerely,
(Your name)

Now you know how to make an authorization letter. It is important that you always sign this letter, and if possible, draft it on a company letterhead. An authority letter will need you to be extremely specific with details. So, remember to give out all the necessary information that is required. Referring to a sample will help you learn how to write such a letter, but it is more important to understand the format of the letter.