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Fundraising Appeal Letter Template

Fundraising Appeal Letter Template

If you need to write a letter for a fundraising cause, then this page will help you out. A format guide and a sample has been provided for your reference.
Geeta Dhavale
Running a social organization is not that easy, especially when you are not availing any government grants. In such cases, only the donors can help you sustain the organization. You plan any activity for the underprivileged people and you feel the need for money, but how do you get the money? A well written appeal letter is what you need when you ask for donations. Writing a fundraising appeal comes in handy when you want to try various fundraising ideas. First, here are some essential points that every donation request letter must have:
  • Though you are seeking help for a social cause, keep the problem short, so that the letter is to-the-point.
  • Use effective and appealing, yet very professional language throughout the letter.
  • Use short and simple language.
  • Directly go to the point instead of beating around the bush.
  • Use a positive tone throughout the letter.
  • Print the letter on the letter head of the organization.

Your name:
Name of the organizations:

Name of the donor:
Address of the donor:


Opening paragraph: In this opening paragraph, you should introduce your self briefly. You should also introduce your organization and it's objective. So you must provide the donor with overall background of the organization. At the end of the paragraph, you should mention about the event you are raising the funds for.

Second paragraph: In this paragraph you should give the details of the event your organizing. If it is a special cause then give the details of that cause. In case of event, let the donor know about the estimated cost and how much is expected from the donor.

Third Paragraph: This last closing paragraph is very important, as here you need to appeal the donor to spare some money for your activities. Let the donor know what his contribution means to your and how beneficial it can be for the less advantaged people for whom you are organizing it.

Complimentary close:
Thank You.

Yours Faithfully

Enclosures: You can send the brochure of your organization or reports and photographs of previous events held by your organization so that the donor gets the fair idea about your activities.

You can refer to the above fundraising appeal letter template and personalize it as per your needs and requirements.


Christopher Nelson
Project Coordinator
Daughters of Mary
Street no.2
Iris Housing Society
New York


Chelsea Peterson
European Couriers
East Main Road
Commerce Complex
New York

Dear Mrs. Chelsea,

I am writing this letter on behalf of Daughters of Mary Charitable Trust. This organization works for unprivileged women and children. Its aim is to empower women by providing them with vocational training so that they can earn their livelihood independently. This organization is functional is many states of the country. I work with Daughters of Mary as project coordinator that involves designing and implementing various relief policies for the well-being of less advantaged women and children. Two months from now, we are planning to have a national workshop on 'Violence Against Women' where all the human right experts along with social activists and lawyers are to be invited.

We require some financial support for the aforementioned activity. We need finance for the following purposes:

Booking the venue
Providing participants with refreshments
Fees of the speakers
Traveling allowance for poor women participants
Stage and mike arrangements

We would let you know about the exact date once we have the donations in hand. We would be grateful to receive your contribution to fulfill the above needs fully or partially. The estimated cost is mentioned in the budget plan provided in the enclosures. Please find the attachments.

This seminar would help women know about their rights and duties. The different dignitaries and speakers would address the violence that women face across the globe. The seminar would also help women to share each other's problem and hence come up with effective solutions for the same. To make this seminar a success we need your help and assistance. I hope you would contribute in our little step towards society without violence.

Awaiting positive response.
Thank You.

Yours Faithfully/Sincerely
(Name and Signature)

Keeping these guides in mind, and using this example as a reference, now you will be able to write an appeal letter that suits your exact needs.