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How to Say 'No' in Different Languages

How to Say 'No' in Different Languages

Saying 'no' is difficult most times, but sometimes the need of the hour. This Penlighten article is a guide for you to learn how to say 'no' in different languages.
Swati Takale
"We should cultivate the ability to say no to activities for which we have no time, no talent, and which we have no interest or real concern. If we learn to say no to many things, then we will be able to say yes to the things that matter most."
―Roy Blauss

There is no doubt that we all must be in agreement to the above quote. But, the moment we are about to utter the word 'no' in the context of rejection or refusal, our heart starts pounding louder, just by the thought of what the person (who would probably be expecting a 'yes' for an answer) would think about us. Saying 'no' is very difficult compared to saying 'yes', because we fear that we may lose our friendship or relationship if the other party gets hurt by our refusal. But this kind of an attitude will someday backfire and land us in deep trouble, if we don't gather up the courage to say 'no' (of course, not just for the sake of saying 'no'). Not always does the word 'no' make people judge you as a person. If someone asks you, 'do you have a brother?', and if you do not have one, your answer 'no' is not going to add any other dimension to its meaning. So, relax! Irrespective of how people are going to perceive your 'no' as an answer, you should clear your mind of all inhibitions and be loyal to your own self, be it any part of the world you go to. Here's how to say 'no' in different languages.
NO in Various Languages

Language No
Afrikaans nee
Albanian jo
Arabic laa
Armenian voch'
Azerbaijani yox /jox
Basque ez
Belarusian nie
Bosnian ne
Bulgarian ne
Catalan no
Cebuano dili
Chinese méiyǒu
Croatian ne
Czech ne
Danish ingen
Dutch geen
English no
Esperanto neniu
Estonian ei
Filipino hindi
Finnish ei
French non
Galician non
Georgian ar
German keine
Greek óchi
Gujarati naa
Haitian pa gen okenn
Hausa babu
Hebrew lo
Hindi nahi
Hmong tsis muaj
Hungarian nincs
Icelandic ekki
Igbo ọ dịghị
Indonesian tak ada
Irish níl aon
Italian no
Japanese Īe
Javanese ora

Language No
Kannada illa
Khmer a-dtay
Korean ani
Lao bomi
Latin non
Lithuanian ne
Macedonian ne
Malagasy tsy
Malay tidak
Maltese ebda
Maori kahore
Marathi nāhī
Mongolian ugui
Nepali kunai
Norwegian ikke
Polish nie
Persian nakheyr
Punjabi naheen
Portuguese não
Russian net
Romanian nu
Slovak nie
Serbian ne
Somali no
Slovenian no
Swahili hakuna
Spanish no
Swedish ingen
Tamil enta
Telugu kaadu
Thai mị̀
Turkish hayır
Ukrainian nemaye
Urdu jee nahin
Uzbek yo'q
Vietnamese không
Welsh dim
Yiddish qyyn
Yoruba ko si
Zulu no

Now you know how and when to use your 'nos' wisely.