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How to Say 'Yes' in Different Languages

How to Say 'Yes' in Different Languages

Saying 'yes' is very easy, irrespective of what language it is said in. Read this Penlighten article to know how to say 'yes' in different languages.
Swati Takale
"Learn to say 'no' to the good so you can say 'yes' to the best."
―John C. Maxwell

Although the word 'yes' implies agreement universally, it definitely has some distinct value. The positivity that it spreads and the motivation that it provides makes the 'yes' word such an important part of our life. It also implies acceptance when used in the instance of a wedding vow 'yes, i do', or politeness in 'yes, please!'. With so much significance, it is yet the simplest word that can be learned in any language.

In the following grid, we list out how to say 'yes' in the major languages that are spoken all around the world.

'YES' in Various Languages

Language Yes
Afrikaans ja
Albanian po
Arabic naäam
Armenian ayo
Azerbaijani hə/hæ
Basque bai
Belarusian dy
Bengali hām̐
Bosnian da
Bulgarian da
Catalan si
Cebuano oo
Chinese shì de
Croatian da
Czech ano
Danish ja
Dutch ja
English yes
Esperanto jes
Estonian jah
Filipino oo
Finnish kyllä
French oui
Galician si
Georgian diakh
German ja
Greek ναί
Haitian repons lan se wi
Hausa a
Hebrew ken
Hindi hām̐
Hmong muaj
Hungarian igen
Igbo ee
Indonesian iya nih
Irish sea
Japanese hai
Javanese ya

Language Yes
Kannada haudu
Khmer baat
Korean ye
Lao yes
Latin sic
Lithuanian taip
Macedonian da
Malagasy eny
Malay ya
Maltese iva
Maori ae
Marathi hōya
Mongolian tiim
Norwegian ja
Polish tak
Persian baleh
Punjabi han ji
Portuguese sim
Russian da
Romanian da
Slovak áno
Serbian da
Somali haa
Slovenian ja
Swahili ndiyo
Swedish ja
Tamil aam
Telugu avunu
Thai chı̀
Turkish evet
Ukrainian da
Urdu jee haan
Uzbek ha
Vietnamese vâng
Welsh ie
Yiddish yʼá
Yoruba bẹẹni
Zulu yebo

Now saying 'yes' in different ways might seem easy, but on the flip side though, a word of caution; before using 'yes' in a foreign language, be absolutely sure for what you are agreeing to.