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How to Sell eBooks on Amazon

How to Sell eBooks on Amazon

If you want to know how to sell eBooks on Amazon, the good news is that it isn't difficult at all. At least not as difficult as some people claim it to be. Read the article below and understand, step by step, how to sell your eBook on Amazon. Read on...
Neha Joshi
If you're good with the pen, you might have contemplated writing your own book and if you already have, you might have thought of selling it on the Internet. Amazon is undoubtedly one of the best places where you can sell your books, the methods for publishing being very easy and the readers being many. There are numerous categories on the website under which you can sell your eBook. If you want to check how your eBook would appear once it's published, you can go through the already existing eBooks on Amazon. There are two things which are important when you consider selling your eBook on Amazon. First, you need to know how to upload the book correctly and second, you need to know how to sell it properly. The paragraphs below, will explain just that.

How to Publish Your eBook on Amazon...

Before knowing how to sell eBooks on Amazon, you need to know how to make one and publish it, isn't it? There is a process you need to follow if you want to publish your eBook on Amazon and that too correctly. To start this procedure, you first need to sign up with the website. After signing up with Amazon, you will be given a username/user ID and a password. If you have purchased anything from Amazon before, you will already have an username and password that you can use. These details are the most basic details you will require while publishing your eBook. Once you have those, you can start off with these steps -
  • You need to keep a well edited copy of your eBook either a plain text format, a Microsoft Word format or preferably a HTML format. Read through your entire copy once before submitting.
  • Using your username and the password, log into the websites 'Digital Text Platform'. For those who don't have a username and password, you can sign up right here. However, this would slow down your process once you've already started.
  • After you sign in at the platform, you will see 'My Shelf'. Click on that and then on 'Add New Item'. Once you click that, you need to enter all the possible details of your eBook starting from the title and ending at the photograph, which you will be using as the cover of your eBook.
  • In the end, you will be asked to upload your eBook. Click on 'Browse' and select the location of your eBook on your computer correctly. This might take some time. While this process is taking place, make sure you don't close the page. After this is done, go through your entire copy once again. If any changes are needed, download the eBook again, make the necessary changes and replace the new file with the old one.
  • If you have a specific publisher for your book, you need to give the said name in the 'Publisher's Name' field. If you're selling your eBook yourself, you should write your name in that field. Also, do not hit the 'Publish' button unless the status of your book doesn't show 'Ready'. After it shows ready, you can publish your eBook.
Tips for Selling eBooks on Amazon

There are three details you need to pay absolute attention to when you're selling your book on Amazon. First, is the cover picture and the title of the eBook. Both have to be interesting and catchy to stand out between so many other option. Second, is the use of keywords to categorize your eBook. Use as many keyword suggestion as possible to bring down the competition your eBook faces. Third is the price. You need to decide a price that is affordable to readers on the web. If you have priced your eBook too high, they'll opt for cheaper options, which again are available in bulk. Also make sure you get some reviews to help boost the sales of your eBook.

Now that you know how to sell eBooks on Amazon, you can publish and sell your eBook with ease, without any problems. The demand for eBooks is increasing with time and thus, this might just turn into a very good business opportunity for you. It doesn't take you any money to publish your book on this website. However, they follow the per piece sale commission. Every copy of your eBook that is sold, Amazon will get a small percentage of that money. Hope you understood how to sell your eBook on Amazon. Best of Luck!