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Unemployment Appeal Letter

Unemployment Appeal Letter

Unemployment appeal letter is a formal letter written to a state agency or a recruitment firm to request monetary or material help. In this article, we will take a look at a sample letter of appeal for unemployment and will also share some tips on writing one.
Rahul Pandita
Unemployment appeal letters are usually addressed to the state agencies to avail unemployment benefits. These letters play an important role, especially in those cases where you have been denied unemployment benefits. These letters are also written to recruiters in case of any job openings.

Unemployment letters are scrutinized by state department officials, so it is important that you write the letter in a professional manner. These letters are written when an individual is facing challenges in gaining employment, so the main aim of these letters is to effectively communicate your predicament. Some tips to remember while writing an appeal letter are:
  • The first and foremost thing you need to do before you start writing a letter of appeal for unemployment is to do a bit of research on what are the terms and conditions that are required to file an unemployment appeal. If your appeal has been rejected and you are writing this unemployment letter in response to that, it is very important to know the grounds on which the application was rejected.
  • The letter should begin in the standard manner, with your name and address at the top followed by the name, designation and address of the person you are addressing this letter to. The date on which you are writing the appeal letter should be mentioned and the letter should start with an appropriate salutation.
  • The first paragraph should introduce you and the purpose for which you are writing this letter. The central part of the letter should provide the reader detailed information on the reasons that make you think that you deserve unemployment benefits. The language that you use should be formal and use of flowery language should be avoided. If you plan to mention the names of witnesses, make sure that you include their contact details and their address.
  • The letter should end with you thanking the concerned authorities and if you plan to attach some important documents to validate your claim, ensure that you make a mention of it in the letter.
A Sample Letter

Shaun Johnson
100 Wildcat Lane
Minneapolis, MN 55454

May 24, 2011

Mr. James Sutherland
Chairman, State Employment Board
103 Edwards Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506

Subject: Appeal to avail unemployment benefits

Dear Sir,

I, Shaun Johnson, am writing this appeal letter to avail unemployment benefits provided by the State Employment Board. I believe that due to my financial condition, it is impossible for me to sustain without the help of unemployment benefits.

I completed my bachelors from the University of Virginia in the year 2009, and I was very hopeful of gaining employment to support my family as they had taken an educational loan to help me with my education. Due to global recession, companies stopped recruiting applicants and I couldn't get a job. Although most of the companies have started to recruit now, my educational qualifications and skills are not adequate for the available opportunities. I therefore, request you to accept my appeal and grant me unemployment benefits as specified by the state government. I shall be highly grateful to you. If you want any further clarifications on this, you can contact me on 952-614-2127.

Yours sincerely,
Shaun Johnson

Signature _________

This was a sample letter of appeal for unemployment. In situations wherein your unemployment appeal has been rejected, you need to mention the reason in the letter and back it up with necessary proof. For example, if your appeal letter was rejected because the respective state body couldn't receive your appeal letter within stipulated time, you will need to attach proof that you posted it well in advance before the last date. In situations where the agency rejects your appeal on the basis that you may be still employed, or you have the financial means to live comfortably and you are looking for the unemployment benefits to get a second source of income, you can attach copies of your recent bank statements, credit scores and relieving letter from your previous employees (if you were already working).