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How to Write an Apology Letter

How to Write an Apology Letter

Do you want to write an apology letter? Refer to the tips given in this article and refer to its template to draft a letter on your own.
Tulika Nair
Most people make out letter writing to be a difficult task, especially if they are asked to write a letter of apology wherein they need to let go of their pride and ego. Whether small or big, mistakes are something all of us commit in our life. In such a situation it is important that you apologize for the blunder that you have done and do everything is your capacity to sort things out. While in a personal relationship it is always better to apologize to someone in person, in a professional setting, it is important that you send out an apology letter for the mistake that you have committed.

Instead of paying attention to the mistake that has been made, write about how you will solve your mistake. While writing an apology letter ensure that the letter is concise, clear, and correct. The letter should be sincere in its tone but not superfluous. Remember that you are at fault here and therefore, the letter needs to be respectful and considerate; also it is important to take responsibility for your errors. Always try to meet the person and apologize after you have sent out the letter. Do not try and put the blame on someone else. It should always tread the fine line between being formal and being written in a casual tone. If you refer to any sample, you will know that there are some things that definitely need mention like the names of all parties involved, the reason you are writing this letter, the error that has been made, assurance that you will not repeat the mistake, etc.


Now that you know what tips to keep in mind while writing an apology letter, you can easily draft one for your purpose.

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Name of Addressee
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Salutations/ Greetings

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

The first paragraph of any apology letter should always start with the writer apologizing for the mistake he or she has made and should state the reason for the apology to avoid any misunderstanding or miscommunication.

In the second paragraph, explain in detail what the error was, how this mistake occurred and why it was not detected in time. Also explain how you intend to solve the problem caused due to this mistake. Assure the addressee that such a mistake will not be repeated in the future and offer to give them a compensation for the error you have committed.

The final or concluding paragraph should start with you apologizing for your mistake again and thanking the addressee for being understanding about the entire situation.

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Writing an apology letter is very easy. The letter should always be heartfelt and sincere. You can also look up a sample that will allow you to understand it better.