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How to Write an Inquiry Letter

How to Write an Inquiry Letter

If you are seeking information regarding a certain product or a service, then you would need to write an inquiry letter. In this article, we will tell you how you can write such a letter.
Tulika Nair
What is a letter of inquiry? More often than not, a letter of inquiry is written to garner information about certain products or services, but occasionally it can also be used to conduct inquiries about job vacancies or even to conduct investigations into the history of a family and to trace their genealogy. While a letter of inquiry can take on a personal tone, if written as a part of your professional commitments, then you will need to ensure that the letter is written formally. In this article, we give you an example of the same so that you can understand the format of such a letter.

Writing a Letter of Inquiry

In order to write a letter of inquiry, there are a few basic things that need to keep in mind. In this section, we list out those pointers that will help you draft a good letter that will ensure that you receive all the information that you need without unnecessary delay.
  • First and foremost, before drafting the letter, it is important to ascertain the purpose for which the letter is being written. If the information that you are seeking is personal, then it may be a good idea to keep the tone less formal. While with professional letters, the tone will be determined by the information you are seeking.
  • If you are writing the letter on behalf of the organization that you are working for, then it is important that you use the letterhead of the company. Also include important information that is not mentioned on the letterhead, like your email id or your phone number at work.
  • If the letter is being written on a personal basis, then you will need to include information like your name, address, and your contact details.
  • If you are unsure of whom you need to address the letter to, then use salutations like Dear Sir/Ma'am, or To Whomsoever It May Concern.
  • Ensure that you mention in clear terms what is the information that you are seeking for. If you want more details about a certain product, then mention the name of the product in the first paragraph itself. If you have a product code, then include this detail in the letter. Without clear questions, there is always the possibility of receiving information that you do not exactly want or need.
  • It is also important that your letter states in very clear terms that it is not a letter of solicitation and is in no way selling something. This is especially important in cases where you are seeking information regarding family history.
  • It may be a good idea to always include with the letter an envelope that has been self addressed, so that there is some form of assurance that you will receive a response.
  • If you do not receive a response the first time you send out a letter, try sending a follow-up letter that mentions the earlier correspondence.

Example of Inquiry Letter

Now let us take a look at the format of such a letter with the help of a sample inquiry letter. Using the proper format and following a template is very important when writing such a letter.

Cole Austin
896, Elm Avenue
Olympia, WA - 95766

Date: 15th April 2011

865, Wall Street
New York, NY - 79677

Subject: With reference to advertisement in New York Times

To Whomsoever It May Concern

This is with reference to the advertisement regarding your Spring/Summer collection in the New York Times dated 14th April 2011. With reference to the same, I would like to place an order for your latest catalog. I would also like to receive information on whether or not it is possible to make online purchases at your website, as there is no information regarding the same.

Awaiting your response.

Thanking you
Yours sincerely
Cole Austin

Hopefully, the example of an inquiry letter given in this article and the tips given will help you write such a letter as and when the need arises. Remember that as with any other letter, it is important that you check it for any spelling, grammatical, or factual errors.