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Tips and Tricks on How to Write a Great Self Introduction Speech

How to Write a Self Introduction Speech
It's not that difficult to write a self introduction speech, that is both flattering and truthful. All you need is a proper sense of self, a little bit of creativity and good oratory skills. This article will help you write one for yourself.
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
I'm happy to say that our hard work leads to success
Everyone's been asked to introduce themselves at various occasions in their life. While we may do it as a customary formality most of the time, we do not realize that what we say in our introduction is the first impression that a new person has about us. And it's this self introduction that can go a long way in making or breaking a particular situation for you. There may arise situations in the future when you'll have to write a self introduction speech and use it to tell people what you're all about. This Penlighten article has the lowdown on what are the dos and don'ts of an introduction speech for yourself.
Steps to Write a Self Introduction Speech
  • Always begin with your name. The speech is about you, and the people listening to you may or may not know you. So, for the benefit of those who don't, always state your name first. If it's a business meeting, then the name of your position at your organization may also follow.
  • After your name, the reign is yours. It's up to you to captivate the audience with whatever you can tell them about yourself.
  • You can give the audience a little background information about where you're from, where you grew up, where you studied, etc. This helps the audience to identify with you.
  • Hobbies are always a good topic to talk about when you write a self introduction speech. Tell the audience what your interests are, what your passions are, how you pursue these hobbies and what got you interested in them.
  • Another aspect about yourself that you can include in an introduction speech about yourself are your strengths. A self introduction speech is a perfect platform to blow your proverbial trumpet, so do so shamelessly. However, take care that you don't appear too condescending or demean others while doing so. Make a mention of all your achievements and how you went about making them.
  • Apart from your strengths, a good facet of yourself to include in a self introduction is some of your shortcomings and weaknesses. This will highlight your modesty and humility as well. Don't go overboard doing this, it might create the wrong impression in the minds of the audience.
  • Another thing to include in your self introduction speech are the goals and ambitions that you have for yourself. What you want to do, where you see yourself in the near and the distant future is something that could interest your audience.
  • You can also get a¬†little¬†philosophical and tell the audience about some important lessons that you've learned in the course of life. Do this with extreme caution, you don't want to bore the audience.
  • You can use the above-mentioned points in the order of your preference. Whatever order you use them in, make sure that they lead suitably to a good conclusion. The beginning and the end of your speech are definitely the most striking features of your speech will stay etched in the minds of your audience. So make sure that both of them are appropriately effective.
Tips and Tricks
  • Induce humor in your speech. When you speak about your strengths and weaknesses, use some funny incidents that took place to highlight them better.
  • Look at the audience when you speak. There's nothing that puts an audience off more than an orator who seems too absorbed in his notes or worse, has no idea where to look. Looking your audience in the eye gives them the reassurance that you are confident about what you're saying.
  • You can also gesticulate with your hands. It will ease out any nervousness and give you a sense of confidence and self-assurance.
  • Use anecdotes in your speech to explain things like achievements, etc. It not only makes the speech more interesting, it also gives it credibility.
  • Never lie in a self introduction speech. Whether it is about your achievements, your strengths or your weaknesses. Unless of course you want to be stuck in a situation in which your audience asks you questions that you don't have answers to.
  • Last, but not the least, don't go on and on about yourself. You'll have a limited amount of time to talk, so make best use of it.
These were some simple, fundamental points to be kept in mind, especially when you write a self introduction speech. What you say about yourself and the way you say it makes a lasting impression in the minds of the audience. So be confident, be honest and you'll definitely paint a favorable picture of yourself.