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Field Trip Permission Slip

These Samples Show How to Write a School Field Trip Permission Slip

Are you searching for free field trip permission slip samples? Then look no further because we've got a few templates ready for you. Read on to find out...
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Jun 1, 2018
Almost every school takes its students on field trips. These field trips can vary from one another as there are different subjects being taught to them. Teachers conduct trips related to the subject or topic the students are currently being taught, so the activities can be different. The students could be going on a museum trip, nature trail, scout trip, aquatic animals' trip, bird watching trip, or any other science trip. Well, no matter what activities are included in their field trips, one thing is for sure, teachers have to take permission from each students' parents beforehand.

Having said that, a field trip permission slip has to be sent with every student which he/she has to get signed by their parent or legal guardian. This way, when the school takes them on a field trip, the parents can't take an objection and/or put the school under any liabilities. Taking care of one student can be tough, but when you have a busload of kids, then you've got to be very careful. Keeping that in mind, we have put this article together which has few different samples (templates) on how a permission slip can look like. So read the article carefully and take your pick.

Sample Permission Slips

For any student, field trips provide an important 'hands on' learning experience of the educational process. But before a teacher can reveal students to a world of possibilities and new learning experiences, every parent or legal guardian has to send a written consent for the trip in question. If you are a teacher and are searching for samples slips for a field trip, you can go through them and pick the template you like.

Name of the School
Contact Information

Please complete both top and bottom of form
(Name of Student) _____________________ has the opportunity to participate in a school field trip which will have him/her be away from school premises during school hours. If you (parent/legal guardian) approve of the following arrangements, please sign at the bottom of this slip and give your consent. This slip has to be returned to the faculty sponsor of the trip.

Nature of Field Trip _____________________
Destination of Field Trip _________________
Date _________ Time of Departure __________ Date and Time of Arrival _____________
Field Trip Supervisor _____________________
Mode of Transportation ______________________

I understand the nature of this field trip where my son/daughter will participate. I also acknowledge the fact that my son/daughter has to follow and abide by all the rules and regulations instructed for the field trip by the school/faculty.

I further agree that in an foreseen event, like an accident or illness medical attention has to be given to my son/daughter, the faculty responsible may treat my son/daughter without having any financial obligation to the school/district.

Date ____________
Signature of Parent/Legal Guardian_______________________
Emergency Contact Numbers____________________________________

Name of the School
Contact Information

Please complete both top and bottom of form
In consideration of -

Student's Name _____________________ Grade_______
Teacher's Name __________________________

Participation in the following activities:
  • Museum
  • National Park
  • Nature Hike
Departing School on ___________ at ______
Returning to School on __________ at ___________
Method of Transportation _________________

I hereby release (Name of the School) from all liability for any injuries sustained by my son/daughter including specifically all claims, demands, negligence, actions, and judgments sustained by my son/daughter. I acknowledge that such activities are conducted for students to have a wholesome educational experience.
(Signature of parent/legal guardian of minor child participating in field trip)

These were some samples that you can choose from for your next expedition. If you would like more templates and samples, read the Penlighten article on permission slip template. Apart from the information provided in the article, if you (the teacher) or the school would like to add any disclaimer(s), feel free to do so.