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Information about Language Learning Software

Information about Language Learning Software

Many people want to learn new languages. It can be out of love or need such as for business, travel, etc. This article tells you about the language learning software which can help you learn a language in an unconventional yet fun-filled manner.
Geeta Dhavale
It's not possible for everyone to take classes to learn a new language. At such times, a language learning software is a boon for people who cannot get a tutor. You can install the software on your system, or can also use it on the Internet.


A Complete Guide: Language software is like a guide that provides you with the vocabulary, sentence structure, pronunciation, and comprehension. It also provides you with different learning techniques that make the process interesting and joyful.

Personalization: One can learn a new language at his/her own pace and as per the unique needs and requirements. Some programs provide learners with the feedback about their progress, strengths, and weaknesses which helps them to work on the skills they lack.

Flexibility: You can learn at any time of the day as per your schedule unlike the classes that need to be attended at a specific time. You can brush up the vocabulary, revise the earlier lesson, or complete the exercise whenever you want, without any time constraint.

Multifarious Learning: In a classroom, generally the tutor talks and students listen, but with this software, it's a complete new experience. It presents the material in different ways such as visual exercises, oral drills, writing assignments, recalling, and repeating which helps you learn with ease.

Affordable: It can save you a lot of money without compromising on the quality. Compared to tutors or classes, it is a flexible and affordable option that saves a lot in the long run.

Multiple Learning: This software can be a great idea when a group of people wants to learn, as it provides a standard experience to all the members of a group and hence the results can be consistent.


Rosetta Stone: If you wish to learn French, then Rosetta Stone is one of the ideal options for you. It has many learner friendly features such as language integration, word association, speech recognition, and error correction options, which help in improving the vocabulary and grammar.

Babbel: This software can be used to learn German, Spanish, French, and many other languages. It allows you to choose any topic and learn accordingly. This helps in generating and sustaining the interest in learning process.

Tel Me More: You can learn more than ten widely spoken languages in the world with the help of this software. It's also one of the most preferred programs if you want to introduce a new language to your kids. It has many games and exercises that makes learning a fun activity.

Apart from these, there are many other software that help in learning different languages such as 'Transparent', which can help you learn Japanese. Another software called 'Talk Now' can help you learn over a hundred languages including the rare ones such as Zulu, Amharic, and Igbo.