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Inquiry Letter Template

Simple Templates That Show How to Write Formal Inquiry Letters

An inquiry letter is one which helps ask specific questions to someone or an organization. This article will help you draft an effective letter, with the help of some tips and samples.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: Apr 28, 2018
An inquiry letter helps one ask queries related to a product, job, funds, promotional material, etc. The letter should contain the information in such a way that the recipient is encouraged to reply. It should be written in a friendly tone and to the point.


There are two types of inquiry letters. The first type is the solicited one that is written in response to an advertisement or other direct communication. The second type is unsolicited, wherein, the letter is not sent in response to any communication. In this type of letter, you need to explain and state your reason of letter writing clearly.

When you are writing an unsolicited inquiry letter you need to mention the advertisement or particular communication in response to which you are writing the letter. In case of an unsolicited letter, you need to provide detailed information about yourself, your place of work (if required), and the reason as to why you need the particular information, and the kind of information you need. Next, you need to explain why you have chosen to write to them.

You also need to mention your contact details, that includes your address, telephone number, and email address. This is required so that the receiver is able to contact you in response to your query. You need to thank the person who will take time to send you a reply.

Sample Letter for Job Inquiry

Your Address
Your Phone Number

Employer's Name and Title
Employer's Address

Dear (Name of hiring manager)

I have been informed of a job opportunity as (specific position or area you are applying for) by (name of referer). I am very interested in such a position because [qualifications or related work & interests].

I am currently employed at (name of organization) as (title of position).


Your name

Sample Letter for Inquiry for Funds

City, State, Zip
Website URL

Dear (Name of Authority)

The (name of your organization) seeks support of (amount) from the (grantor organization) for (type of support) of (project/charity). (Add a couple of sentences that describes how this project/charity fits with the grantor's guidelines, goals, areas of interest)

Our organization, established in (date), serves the (community/ city/town) with these services: (list the type of services you offer). (Describe your mission, accomplishments, awards received or other organizational distinctions).

The project for which we are requesting funds will make a difference in the lives of (those who will be benefit) in the following way: (you need to state the line of action you will take with help of funds received).

We anticipate that the (name of project) will take approximately (amount of time), cost (the total cost of the project), and we expect to achieve the following: (you need to enlist a few concrete results).

At this time, we are pleased to have received (grant support, volunteer help, in-kind services, restricted pledges, etc.) for this project. We anticipate that support for (research, first year, first two phases, etc.) will come from (funding sources) and future, ongoing support for the project will be supplied by (you need to mention the limit of the funding sources or till the end of the project).

As you can see our (project) will (what you want to achieve) in an innovative and cost-effective manner. It will provide a valuable element to providing relief for (recipients). We are sure that you will find that our (project/ charity) fits with the mission of your foundation to (state the receiver's foundation's mission/goal/interests).

We invite you to visit our (organization/or project) at your convenience. We will be happy to submit a full proposal for your review or answer any questions that you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.


Name, Title
Phone Number
Email Address