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Lease Agreement Template

Lease Agreement Template

This article presents some information about lease agreement template that forms an important legal document for both, the tenants and landlord.
Kundan Pandey
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
Lease or tenancy agreements are legal documents between the landlord or the property owner and the tenant. The lease agreement acts as a written document that grants the right to control to both parties (tenant and landlord) about various clauses and terms that they have agreed to settle upon. These agreements are extremely important for landlords because they have to ensure that there are no loopholes in the agreement that can weaken his stand on his own property in the future. So, it is imperative to draft a lease agreement with tremendous care and professional advice, if one is unaware of the nitty-gritty of the process.

How to Write Lease Agreement
Being a landlord you have to ensure that the agreement is well drafted and is properly written so that it is presentable to your tenant, and at the same time, it is useful in legal matters. Here are some fundamental writing tips on the basics of lease agreement template.
  • Be crystal clear in the use of terminologies. Avoid too much of legal jargon or complex words. Make the lease documents simple to read and comprehend.
  • Mention that the tenant has visited the room, flat, or building and he has properly inspected everything. This will help you to ask for compensation in case, in future, the residing area is damaged about which you had no idea earlier.
  • Discuss details about the security deposit and specify how the money will be used, in case the area is found impaired, spoiled, or damaged in some way.
  • Tell the tenants about issues regarding pets. State clearly about your wish to allow pets to stay in the building.
  • Mention all about repairs costs that you have to pay in case of damage of water cooler, heater systems, refrigerators, fans, furniture and other facilities, if any provided by you.
Lease Agreement Format
Here is a sample of lease agreement letter that will help you to know more about lease agreement format.
Contents of a Residential Lease Agreement

This lease agreement is hereby entered, this 14th day May 2010, between John and Ben, organized under the State of California laws. Hereinafter, John will be addressed as the tenant and Ben as the property owner or landlord.

The landlord hereby leases and lets to the tenant, the premises to use for tenant's living along with his family. The leased premises located at 43, Blue Hills, Arthur Road, North California is furnished with latest furniture and the tenant has inspected this residential area on 4th May, 2010 for checking about any damage or safety issues. The tenant is satisfied with the condition of room/flat and he is willing to take further responsibility of taking proper care of the place, from the day he starts living in this leased premises.

The tenant takes responsibility to pay any repair damages, if any, that has occurred during the presence of tenant in the premises majorly due to lack of care and concern about safeguarding the place, or due to poor housekeeping practices.

The lease agreement shall continue on quarterly basis and 10 days before the end of lease date after every 3 months, the tenant will be expected to get the lease agreement renewed, failing which the tenant will be asked to leave the flat or room he has been residing in.

The tenant has to pay a security deposit of USD 500 before he begins to stay in the premises. The security deposit shall be returned to the tenant when the lease is over or in case, the tenant ends the lease on his own wish. Besides that, before giving back the security deposit, the landlord will also take into account various factors like condition of the room when tenant leaves the room.

The landlord has no complains if the tenant is keeping a pet animal along with the family however, it's the responsibility of the tenant to look after the pet animal and there should be no complaints from neighbors or other members of the society. In case of complaints, the landlord will be liable to ask the tenant to arrange a separate place for their pets.

The tenant is expected to pay a rent of USD 1000 every first day of the month, commencing from 14th May 2010. In case of any increase in the rent by the landlord, the landlord is liable to inform the tenant forty five days before the scheduled date of increasing the rent. The tenant shall pay all the rents and submit legal papers concerning the residence to the address that has been mentioned below:

Ben Mackenzie
435, Avenue Place
Kentuki Road
California, CA

Getting Legal Help in Agreement Cases
Since each state in the US has numerous laws keeping in mind the comfort of both the tenants and the landlords, it is advisable that an attorney must be consulted in preparing the agreement. Even in small matters, either party can drag the other to the court rooms, so it is best to maintain a legal record of all vital points discussed between both the parties. In several cases, getting legal help becomes a difficult task for either the tenant or the landlord because of several reasons. So, in such cases, one can contact the state court to help them locate an attorney. It is to be understood that getting legal help is a right of both the tenant and landlord, so in any dispute, if you feel you're unable to arrange an attorney because of financial reasons, the state is there to help you.

The lease agreement documents must be carefully preserved by landlords as they form the basis of their professional relations with the tenant. It is good to save both the hard and soft copies of the agreement as one can be used if the other is lost or destroyed. If you search on the Internet, you can get various lease agreement samples that will enhance your knowledge about various other points that you can include in lease agreement documents. There you will also find several templates in downloadable form for your use. Ensure that the contents of the template match your expectations and needs, before you give it to the tenant for further process.