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Refusal Letter Sample

Refusal Letter Sample

Writing a refusal letter is considered a mark of professionalism. It shows your positive business ethics about your employer's time. While for a company, informing the concerned individual of his inadequacy to bag the job, reflects how courteous the company is.
Kundan Pandey
If you view and analyze the letter samples that have been presented below, you will realize that these letters are used to reject or refuse a job offer due to reasons that may range from personal to professional restrictions. Another letter sample of a company rejecting the candidate for the position is also represented herein. Majority think that, if they are not accepting a job offer, they should simply not answer any queries of the employer. However, this is a reflection of poor professional practices. Being considerate about your employers' time is a sign of a responsible employee. Besides, you create a positive impression about your personality. Since today's fast-paced business networking is all about contacts, you never know, when your top-brass work ethics come in handy and prove fruitful to you in obtaining the desired job.

Letter writing, especially related to business writing, demands careful selection of words. Besides being simple and crystallized in your mode of expression, you ought to ensure, you mention the main objective of writing the letter. Often, HR managers and recruiters don't have enough time to read letters that border on laundry lists, so one must pay attention to the fact that the letter is concise and succinct, and effectively communicates the reasons for writing the letter. Be polite, yet forward in your expression. You are not expected to give minute details and information about your problem in not accepting the job. However, you must mention a reason in the letter. Besides, being thankful to the employers in considering your application form is pivotal. These points are applicable to a company, as well, when they are to draft a job refusal letter for a candidate.

Sample #1
Refusal to Accept the Job Offer of a Sales Personnel

Date: May 14, 2010

Mr. Joseph M. Francis
Marketing Head,
ABC Corporation,
983, Matthew Road,

Dear Mr. Francis:

I am delighted to know that I have been shortlisted as the final candidate for getting into the sales team of your firm. I wish to extend my thanks to all the people in the recruitment process, who have parted with their valuable time for considering me as the right aspirant for the post. I always wanted to be a part of a growing sales team. However, the job location and the responsibilities of being a single parent, are clashing with one another.

After viewing my overall responsibilities, I have decided not to devote myself to your generous offer. I thank you again for considering me as an appropriate candidate for the position.

(Your Signature)
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Sample #2
Refusal to Accept the Job Offer of a Project Manager

Date: May 21, 2010

Mr. Neil McKenzie
Human Resources Manager,
Infrastructure and Implementation Division,
XYZ Company

Dear Mr. McKenzie:

I thank you for offering me the position of Project Manager of New York Project Development Work (NYPDW). I am also thankful to you for spending your precious time in discussing details of the position and giving your time in considering my offer.

XYZ company is a reputed and competitive firm with innumerable career opportunities for its employees. There are various aspects of this organization that have always attracted me to apply for the post of a project manager, and I am glad to have succeeded in your tough screening exams and interview.

However, I feel that owing to various personal reasons, I have to decline your profitable and generous offer. This would be better for both of us in our mutual interests. This turns out to be a very tough decision for me, but I believe, at this point of my career, it would be the most adequate decision.

Again, I thank you for your time and consideration. It was a pleasure meeting you and knowing about your firm.

(Your Signature)
(Your Address)
(Contact Number)

Sample #3
Drafting a Candidate-Rejection Letter

Date: May 26, 2010

Mr. John Doyle
970, Matthew Road,

Dear John:

We thank you for providing us with an opportunity to have a word with you, with regard to your qualification for the position of a test analyst.

We would want you to know that while your experience and skill set are considered impressive, we have found, through the interview process that another candidate's profile is a better match to occupy the discussed candidacy. We sincerely regret that our company is unable to offer you the position at this juncture.

We appreciate your interest to be a part of our company and wish you success and contentment in your career.

Thank you.

Smith Elliot
Human Resource Manager

Refusal letters are a necessary requirement, in case you are rejecting a job offer. Also, a company sending out a rejection letter to a candidate reflects courtesy toward the individual. It shows that you, as a company, value the interest shown by the candidate. It is necessary to inform your employer, too, as he has to finalize the selected candidates, who would be joining the workplace. Providing a courteous and acceptable reason is important for explaining your action to the employer.