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Maternity Leave Letter

Maternity Leave Letter

If you want to avail maternity leave, the first thing you would have to do is write a letter to the concerned department in your organization.
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Maternity leave is something which is a woman's right, and most companies have a maternity leave policy. Maternity leave is protected by law in many countries, so before applying, check the policies of your company so that you are not deprived of the entitlements for the same.

The following is a general format which can be used to write your own letter. One more paragraph can be added stating that you have or will complete the project or any other work assigned to you before you go for leave. However, it is optional. But asking for an acknowledgment letter from the employer is very important, as it is your job that is at stake. Hence, note the specifications of the allotted time period for pregnancy leave according to the law policies of your organization.

Here is the format and a sample to help you out.

Recommended Format
                                                                                                                                 Your Name
                                                                                                                                  Contact No.


Employer's / Supervisor's Name
The Designation
Company's Address

                                                      Re: Maternity Leave Letter

Body of Letter: This section should mention your purpose for leave, affirming that you are expecting and the exact duration of leave. Ensure that it is in compliance with the company policy. This is to avoid any discrepancies and delay in sanctioning of your leave.

Resumption of Work: This part should contain your desire to resume work (if you want to) and state that you will comply with the rules, i.e. give proper notification, for the same.

Your Signature

Your Name
Your Designation
Employee Code

Enclosures: This part should contain the documents that are essential as per the policy or law to submit to the office to ensure compliance and all the related benefits are given to you.

Sample Letter
                                                                                                                              Jobi Thomas
                                                                                                  13, Antonio Street, Washington
                                                                                                          Contact No.- 404 185 007

April 11, 2014

Sylvain Raven
HR Manager
ABC Software

Dear Sylvain,
                                                   Re: Maternity Leave Letter

This is to affirm that I am expecting and the due date is The Date and please consider this letter as my maternity leave application. I plan to take the leave from Date (which is in compliance with the company norms) till Date (the end date which culminates your leave period).

I have attached all the necessary documents mentioned in the Maternity Leave Policy. Please find them in the enclosures. I would like to have a confirmation letter from you if you the date of my rejoining, as mentioned above, is acceptable to the company.

It may be noted that I have a total of ten days leave balance in my account as I have not availed it till date which I would like to combine with this specified maternity leave period.

Thanking you and looking forward to resuming my work.

Your Signature

Jobi Thomas
Creative Team Head
ABC Software
(Employee Code)

Enclosures: Please find the following.
  • Maternity Leave Application Form
  • Document 1
  • Document 2

Lastly, remember that according to the PDA Act, i.e., Pregnancy Discrimination Act, it is your right to avail this leave, and you can sue the company if any non-compliance occurs, which is why this letter is of utmost importance.