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Memo Format

Memo Format
All memorandums follow the same format be it a business or school, office, etc. A memo sample is given in this article along with the format.
Torque Earnest
The first thing that comes to my head while listening to this word 'memo' is the police officer who fined me for not carrying my license! Next scary thing is the office memorandum that reminds of the targets to be achieved, failing which you need to... well, everyone knows what follows! So coming to the basic meaning of a memo, which is the short form of memorandum, it is a notice which serves either as a reminder, warning or a short notice for some proposal. It can be used within an organization or in the context of person to person dealing. The format for these purposes however, remains the same.

A memo is also a notice with specific content in terms of either some figures or recordings or to make a note or send a note to someone. If you are in the human resources department or the head of your particular department, you need to know how to write a memo because it is used time and again for business communications, e.g., conveying things like the current status of a project, certain changes in some policy, etc.

Important Tips for Memo
  • No salutation usage like 'dear,' etc. No 'sincerely,' 'faithfully,' etc. too.
  • Should be precise and concise.
  • Should not be longer than a page.
  • No irrelevant or non-specific data is to be given.
  • Issues should be highlighted in a bulleted form.
  • Details of whom to contact in case of queries should be given in the end.

Heading or Re: This section should have the heading which reads 'Memorandum' which should be at the top and center of the page, or else it can be typed in the bold format and mentioned just below the date, again, aligned in the center.

Date: The date of issue of the memorandum is the utmost important point of the memo. It serves as a reference and the very purpose of the memo, since it is a reminder.

Name of Company: As the name suggests, the name of the company and address in a line should be mentioned in cases of large business or any other organizations but if it is meant for in-house purpose or it could contain only the department's name.

The alignment of this section can vary. It can either be on the right side top corner, at the bottom right corner of the page.

Addressee: This is the 'To' section of the memo which mentions the people or department the memo is meant for.

Addresser: This is the 'From' section which states from whom or from which department is the memo issued.

Subject: The subject is the most important line of any letter or notice and so is the case with the memo too.

Opening: The opening of a memo i.e. the introduction has to be in a line or two just to let the readers know what is the memo about.

Body: The body of the memo should contain the key points that needs to be conveyed in the bulleted form. It should contain very precise information that is mentioned in the subject line and presented in a concise manner too.

Closing: This section of the memo should contain the analysis of the entire issue that you have drawn attention to and should also state what is expected following the issuance of the memo.

Seal of Company / Authorized Signature: This section is for the stamp of the company or the signature of the person who has issued the memo.

Sample of Memo


Central School
North Carolina University Campus

To: Mathematics Teachers of the Primary section.
From: Shaolin Dash, Principal
Subject: Volunteers for teaching Abacus.

The introduction of 'Abacus' by the Board of Secondary Education is to come to effect from the 12/01/2010 and volunteers for the same are required. The following is expected out of them.
  • Designing the syllabus schedule for Abacus classes.
  • Taking classes for the 3rd and 4th grades for a month.
Compensation will be given to the teachers as per the Contract Policy for Temporary Teachers.

This is an urgent requirement. Please respond within the next three days. Feel free to contact me for any clarification.

Signature of Principal
Shaolin Dash
Central School

Hope this article helps you in making effective and appropriate memos with the format and sample provided here.