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Most Loved Comic Characters

The past decades have been far more fantastical than any other. With fantasy percolating through comic books, it garnered a huge reader base running into millions, making each believe that they could be the next superhero, a fantastical mutant, or find an imaginary friend to dole out some insane life advice. Here's taking a look at some of the most loved comic characters, who over years have become our heroes, saviors, and inspirations in more ways than one.
Mukta Gaikwad
Comic books brought with them a whole new revolution to story telling and fiction. From making political statements through euphemisms or being the driving force behind changing the mindset of youth, comic books have played a very important role in shaping the world post World War II. With a list of most loved cartoon comic characters, one cannot deny their impact on our culture and our future generations. Thanks to several movies, cartoons, games, books, and other such mediums that genre of fantasy has crept into our minds, only to shape it and let its streak of imagination loose. Let's take a look at some of the most sought-after comic characters in the world.
The list of most loved characters has to begin with the legendary Superman. He was the first comic book character to make it larger than life. With a superhuman abilities to fly, he became the savior of the world in this iconic blue and red gear. The rest of the superheroes have followed him with a little variations. The shield with a bold 'S' on a yellow backdrop is used to depict this character. He is truly the cultural icon of today's youth as well.
Spider Man
Peter Parker is only an ordinary person until he gets his superpowers from a spider bite. With superhuman strength this wall crawler is known for his superhuman reflexes. His scientific acumen helps him to design web-slingers and bracelets so that he can swing from rooftop to rooftop to fight his enemies. His new found abilities to sense danger, involuntarily makes him the savior of the city, which is threatened by Green Goblin, Venom and Sandman. In the subsequent comic editions, Peter Parker is reborn with superior qualities to see in the dark, has sharper senses and abilities to feel vibrations through his webbing.
Calvin and Hobbes
Calvin and Hobbes, a comic strip by Bill Watterson has fans all over the world. The two most loved comic characters, Calvin, a six year boy and Hobbes, his imaginary friend capture some of the life's lessons through a sarcastic and sardonic dialogs. The vivid colors and eye-catchy graphics have made these comic books favorite amongst a huge number of readers all over the world.
Billionaire Bruce Wayne had everything going for him, until he decided to become an eternal vigilante. His super intelligent brain, which makes him one of the best detective in the world, is also his only superpower. He conjures a sense of mystery and intrigue around him, with his anonymity. He has become one of the most loved characters because most readers can identify with his mission to save the Gotham city from crime and corruption without any superpowers. A strategist's mind and physical agility to fight the goons without any frills, makes him a favorite over most of the superheroes.
Captain America
Steve Rogers, who is nursed to health and driven to human perfection by experimental serum, becomes Captain America. This comic character exudes nobility, strength, hard-work, just attitude and honesty. This patriotic hero won hearts of millions as he fought Axis powers of World War II back in 1940s.
As opposed to aforementioned single comic book characters, X-men are a team of superheroes. Professor Xavier, a high-level telepath trains and recruits other mutants in his haven. Initially, he recruits Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, Beast and Marvel Girl to form a team 'X-men'. It is the X-Gene that these superheroes possess that gives them a certain power than normal human beings. Over the years the team further extended with Wolverine, Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, and Rogue. As these abnormalities of superheroes made them fight the evil in the most dramatic, action-packed ways they came to be the most loved, watched, and revered too.
Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman became the world's first female superhero, bringing love, peace and equality in a world torn apart by hatred. She possessed super strength, flight, speed, stamina and agility. Wonder Woman's ability to communicate with animals, bring out the truth with Lasso of Truth and ability to use powers given to her by indestructible bracelets, a tiara and invisible airplanes judiciously, made a superwoman and a super favorite amongst readers and viewers.
Asterix and Obelix
These comic characters from French comic books 'The Adventures of Asterix' became very famous and is still the most coveted comic books all around the world. Resisting the Roman occupation and settlement around their village of Gauls, is the general theme of the comic. The names of the characters in this book and the comedy of errors which the stories bring out, have made these comics a re-reads for many. Puns, caricatures, and tongue-in-cheek stereotypes have made the adventures of comic characters Asterix and Obelix a laughter riots.
So these were the most loved comic characters. The list of famous comic characters is a long one. However, it is these mentioned above that have left an indelible mark on the minds of those who are unknowingly shaping the world.